Moving Day!

Hello all,

If you are one of the subscribers that follow my website often, you know that today is moving day! And no, I’m not just moving from one city to another, we’ll be traveling across 6 states in order to get to our final destination that we plan to call “home” for a long time. In fact, we’re moving back to the same area that used to be home only a few years ago. There, we’ll reacquaint ourselves with friends and family of old.

My wife and I have actually wanted to move back home for quite a few months now, but since we are now adults and have bills to pay, it couldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. We spent countless hours updating our resumes and applying for positions online. Luckily, one of the jobs that I posted for was perfect for my experience and interests! I now have a salary that’s 10% larger than my most recent gig, plus we get to live with our friends and family again! Life is good.

If you want to take away something from this random post, I would say, “Make sure you have a plan for the future.” If we had no plan for moving home and just decided to pick up and go, we might have landed jobs, but they would not have been our dream jobs. On the same note, if we just started to apply for random jobs online without utilizing a network, I believe that we wouldn’t be moving today. I’d still be stuck in my old job without any hope for the future.

Make a plan to take action on your future today! What is that you’ve always wanted to do? Why not do it? What’s holding you back?

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