Goals Update and Weekly Round-Up #16



Here are the goals that I have for myself, and the progress I have made on them this past week.

My Goals And Plans

  1. Write at least 1 guest post per week in order to attract new readers — I have to admit that I did not write any NEW guest posts this week, but I have worked hard to get my already-written posts published on other sites. And, I have succeeded! Check it out at Free From Broke
  2. Write an e-book that will only be available to my subscribers (projected date of completion, May 1, 2011) — I have completed all portions of my eBook, but still have some clean-up work to do. Plus, I need to make it pretty for all you readers! 🙂
  3. Continue to write well-thought-out articles 3-4 times per week  — Yep, did this. Hopefully, you enjoyed them!
  4. Provide downloadable documents to help others with their personal finances — This is still in the early stages. I have a few ideas, but they are not yet realized.
  5. Offer email postings that will only be available to my subscribers, as a thank-you for their loyalty — Unfortunately, this did not happen this week due to weekend travels. A killer email will be coming soon. 
  6. Hold giveaway contests where the subscribers will automatically be entered to win! — I just wrapped up a contest a couple of weeks ago. I will most likely hold another one in  May to kick off my e-book.

With these actions, I aim to hit the subscriber projections:

  1. 114 subscribers by July 1, 2011 (I’m feeling a little better about this)
  2. 247 subscribers by October 1, 2011
  3. 1,154 subscribers by April, 2011

Subscriber Tracking

Unfortunately, blogperfume.com (which is where my charts on subscribers came from) has not been operational since a couple weeks ago, so I can’t show you the nifty charts that I’ve fallen in love with.

My subscribers are slowly creeping upward though. I was at 67 subscribers last week, and this week, I have increased to 70. It’s a steady rise that I am content with.

Website Optimization

I did spend a little bit of time to increase my site’s loading speed. I’m writing so much great content that the site just couldn’t handle it! 😉

So, you should notice and very quick page-to-page load. Hope you enjoy it!

Weekly Round-Up

Here are some great reads I discovered this week. Take a look!

Passive Income: The Avenue to Extreme Weatlh – by me at Passive Family Income

I’m Out of Debt, Now What? – by me at Passive Family Income

How I Paid Off $25,000 of Debt in 14 Months – yes, this was by me as well – at Free From Broke

Dividend Investing: A Steel Company With a Quality Dividend– by Buy Like Buffett

Adam’s Golf: A Balanced Micro-Cap Golf Stock – written by JT McGee at Invest It Wisely

How to Recover From Bad Credit – by Beating Broke

Investing Fundamental #6: Roth IRA – by Retire by 40

Daily Steals? Think Again – written by Debt Eye at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Essential Steps to Buy a House – by My Personal Finance Journey

Home Buying Alert!– by Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

What is Your Personality Type?– by Bucksome Boomer

Be Careful When Picking a Mutual Fund Based on Its Name – by My Journey to Millions

Do The Amish Pay Taxes? – by Frugal Confessions

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