Monthly Earnings Report: August 2011

Do you ever wonder how much money this site makes per month? And, how does it generate the income? Where does it come from? All your questions will be answered in this post.

As expected, my first couple of earnings reports were a big hit (I started doing this in April). Not only is it of great interest for my blogging friends, but I also believe that my readers have a right to know how this site is being funded. So, with no further ado, here’s the earnings report for August, 2011.

August 2011 Earnings Report

With the excellent July earnings I posted last month, I didn’t think there would be much chance for me to step it up and earn more in August! But, with a few major deals, my income soared to a new level!

Advertisers are continuing to contact me, and since I am quick to respond and easy to communicate with, I often get repeat business from them. Within the month of August, I ended up earning $2,591.13!! The bar has been set to a new high. I know I can beat it, but it might not be until November (or whenever I finish my killer eBook). 🙂

Breakdown of Earnings: August 2011

Adsense – $27.05

Staff Writing – $135

Link Ads/Widgets – $1,110

Sponsored Posts – $1,179.88

Affiliate Sales – $139.20

Total August 2011 Income: $2,591.13!!


Adsense – For some reason, Adsense didn’t pay as much as last month. I think I had more visitors and more clicks, but the payout just didn’t match the month of July. It’s ok though, I did pretty good in other areas.

Staff Writing – Time has been incredibly slim lately, but I was able to write 6 posts for other sites and make $135. Not too shabby.

Link Ads/Widgets – Somehow these deals just fell into my lap this past month. Almost all of the deals were emailed to me by the advertiser and the prices were good! I put up 4 new link ads on my site and earned $1,110. I like it. 🙂

Sponsored Posts – this is where guest writers (typically advertising an onine location or a part) will pay to have their article put on my site. I had a total of 8 posts that netted me $1,179.88! I easily made $100 per post.

Affiliate Sales – I did not technically sell anything this month, but I miscalculated the amount that I was receiving for last months iPage referrals. I thought I earned only $35.40 per referal, but I actually make $105 affiliate sale to iPage. So, I added the difference here: $139.20.


It seems like things might slow down in September, so I don’t expect to break the $2,500 barrier again, but that’s ok. I’m going to start spreading my wings into different money making avenues. There are just so many ways to make money online, I don’t know where to start!! It really is exciting stuff and I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish a few months from now.

Are you trying to make money online? How’s it going? How can I help? Email me! 🙂

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