Goals Update and Weekly Round-up #44



As many of you know, I enjoy setting goals for myself quite regularly and I actually share them with my readers as well! It’s pretty risky because occasionally, I have proven myself a failure, but at other times, the goals were met and I felt like I was on top of the world! Either way, the site improves and my readers have a great time coming along for the ride.

So, let’s check out what goals I set for myself by the end of this year, 2011.

Goals For The Rest of This Year, Through December 2011

I have set three major goals for myself and have them listed below. Take a look at my progress.

1) Continue to Write 3-4 Posts Per Week – No matter how busy I get, I make sure to keep the new content coming, because who wants to read old, uninteresting stories? Nobody! So, this is another check in the box. 🙂

2) Develop a “Resources” Page – Done. 🙂

3) Write the eBook – I have the whole book mapped out, and have completed chapter 1, 2, and am almost done with chapter 3. There are really 3 chapters to go (but they are the fun ones), and yes, it’s a lot, but this book is really starting to move and I think the end of December could be a reality for this one. Can’t wait to tell you how much I have completed next week. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be done!

New Projects

I have really had some great business ideas lately, and I just can’t help but act on them! They are already in the works  and I can’t wait to tell you what they are! I should be able to let you in on the secrets in the next couple of weeks.

Weekly Round-Up

Here are the articles I enjoyed this week. I hope you enjoy them too!

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Wordless Wednesday – by My Parenting Coach (this is just a picture, but I love it!)

How to Productively Use Failure – by Your Finances Simplified

Controlling Spending the Fun and Easy Way – by Yakezie

How to Be a Frugal Shopper – by Prairie Eco Thrifter

My Diet Can Beat Up Your Diet – by Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Travelling Gets Better With Age – by Retire by 40

Baby: Bun in the Oven or Visit From the Stork? – by Buck Inspire

Can You Still Get Free Music Online, Legally? – by Frugal Confessions

Inheritances and Blended Families: Who’s the Priority? – by Squirrelers

Money Saving Holiday Tips – by Financial Success for Young Adults

What is the Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt? – by Money is the Root

Planning Your Next Career – by Krantcents

Did Getting Married Sacrifice Friendships? – by 20 and Engaged

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