How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Are you looking to get a job? If you are wanting to improve your chances of securing that job, you need to have a flawless interview. And, the only way to perform well in an interview is to prepare ahead of time. I have held various positions in my short career and I am proud to say that I have been offered every job for which I have interviewed for. While I can’t guarantee that you will get your dream job with this advice, I can say that following these steps to prepare for the interview will greatly improve your chances of getting a job.


If you think you can come into an interview with just your charm and resume and get the job, you are mistaken. A strong candidate for any job must show their willingness to go above and beyond. An interview is not only a chance to talk about your hard work ethic, but also an opportunity to illustrate it in action. It is important to do your homework before the interview. To do that, spend time doing research. You want to research both generally about the organization and the position for which you are applying. Being able to show your knowledge of both of these will make you the favorite for the position.


After you have gained the general knowledge about the position, take some time to anticipate questions that could be asked of you. Think about what you would ask someone if you were in their position or questions that have been asked of you. What characteristics will they deem important? Being able to come up with these questions before hand will not only force you to think about the position more thoroughly, but it will prepare you to answer these when the interview comes. Keep in mind that situation questions are popular these days. It’s not just about who you are and what you have to offer, but asking questions about what you would do in certain situations. Here are some typical questions that I have been asked:

  • Why are you applying for this position?
  • Name one conflict/crisis that you have encountered and tell us what you did to overcome it.
  • What would you consider your greatness weakness?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why would you be a great fit for this position?


The last thing that you should do to prepare for a job interview is to polish your presentation and responses. The only way to do this is to practice multiple times. Ask a friend or relative to help you by posing random questions to you. While you want to communicate authenticity in the interview and therefore should avoid memorizing responses to certain questions, practicing over and over will help you refine your responses.

From the perspective of the interviewer, a well-prepared interviewee is easy to spot. Make sure to take time to adequately prepare for your next job interview. The process of preparing for the interview will also feed your confidence which will in turn make your interview that much better.

What do you do to prepare for an interview?

This was written by Corey, a staff writer from Passive Income to Retire, where he writes about his journey to early retirement.

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25 comments to How to Prepare for a Job Interview

  • My brother is actively looking for a job. I will forward this to him Derek. Thanks.
    Jai Catalano recently posted..Husband vs Wife (The Sequel)

  • Matt

    All very true and very important. I typically research the company as whole and the division I will be working in. Search their website but also do general searches for them in the news to potentially have topical info to talk about.

    I practice the interview several times with my wife and alone. Any spare moment I have the days before the interview I am running through a list of questions and my responses. I do this in the car, in the shower, brushing my teeth, the more reps the better.

    Also search out your interviewers and see if you can find their job history on linkedin or some common interest from a facebook post. FYI, it’s not stalking, they are doing the same thing to you. This is a good time to start thinking about follow up questions. If you have a common interest ( or not and just pretend) you can flip the script and start interviewing them.

    Also look for other people with similar titles on linkedin within the company and compare your experience to theirs and adjust the way you word answers and/or resume accordingly.

    Next research the company’s top 3 competitors and get a vibe as to what makes the company you are applying to stand out. Use this to structure a follow up question that complements the company but also shows you have industry knowledge.

    Depending on the position, you may research other industry kpi’s and casually mention them (i.e. “Has the recent increase in the price of steel/crude/aluminium effected production/contracts…whatever).

    Look for any new regulations both domestic and abroad that may have an impact on the business and use that as a follow up question.

    All good tips but the most important thing is to do the interview in your head and aloud at least ten times before you sit in front of your interview.

  • Hi,
    Very good article.
    I can add another tip.
    Look at the website
    There you can find many tips on the subject jobinterview!
    Classier Corn recently posted..Spara pengar och miljö via bortskänkes- & bytessajter!

  • Evan @

    It is really important to prepare, last summer I was actively searching and interviewing and the more I interviewed the better I got at it, but you have to do a lot of research on the company and the position you are going for.
    Evan @ recently posted..Life Insurance Payback Rider

  • Great tips! I always get super-nervous in job interviews, so I make sure I practice a lot before meeting with HR.
    Christa recently posted..Common Financial Mistakes: Foregoing the Home Inspection

  • All great tips. I would also add that dressing appropriately will never hurt. Shirt and tie for the guys and at least nice blouse and slacks for the ladies. Even if you’re over dressed, it will impress.

  • I do all the things you suggest and a couple more. When I research the company I try to find information on the interviewer. Since I normally interview for high level executive positions, I want to know as much as I can about the president. He would probably be my boss. The research is important since I want to connect with the interviewer.
    Krantcents recently posted..Do You Have Perfect Attendance?

  • All great tips. Being prepared is the way to go, as it is for many other areas of life. When that happens, confidence comes through – which also is a big help in winning the job.
    Tie the Money Knot recently posted..The Urge to Merge – Money After Marriage, That Is

  • Thanks for this nice collection of useful tips! They are very useful for me, because I’m seeking for a new job now and I’ve invited to some interviews already,
    Julie recently implants

  • I remember when I could say I’d been offered every job I’d ever interviewed for.
    These are great tips, I just want to add, though, that sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you prepare and practice. You might not get the job, and it will have nothing to do with you.
    I just want to add that because the first time I interviewed for a job and didn’t get it, it was a shock to my system,and it messed with my confidence levels.
    shanendoah@The Dog Ate My Wallet recently posted..Something is Better Than Nothing

  • Alex | Perfecting Parenthood

    As someone who hires, I can tell you that it is quite easy to stand out. The vast majority of resumes are no good, then of the good resumes a good number of the interviews are no good either. Nobody really cares about those questions like “When did you fail, what is your weakness”, What are your strengths” — those are HR science questions to get at experience and to try to determine how you fit in. You can’t really practice the right answer because it depends on what you believe and what the interviewer believes … just come to the interview with two or three good stories because each story can likely be used to answer any of those questions.

    I would recommend taking over the interview. If the interviewer does not have a formal HR process then this is easy because the interviewer is then just having a conversation. Otherwise, answer the questions to satisfy the HR scorecard but know that the interviewer is bored. You can just ask the interviewer questions from the start and then speak to what they say. “I think your companies problems are xyz or big opportunity is abc, is that right?” which will basically get the interviewer to tell you what they are looking for — for real, not the HR job description.

    Anyway, nice post. Sorry for the long comment.
    Alex | Perfecting Parenthood recently posted..Teaching Your Child to be Bilingual

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  • Ms.Amber

    Thanks for this great tips. I admit that I am so bad at interviews.. But know that I learned a lot from you I will surely be prepared for the my next interview.. 🙂
    Ms.Amber recently streaming sites

  • Charlotte @thinkingreenhelps

    Whenever I go in for an interview, I make sure I do background research of the company and practice a little. I also think its important to wear appropriate attire and dress your best for an interview.

    • Great tips Charlotte! I’ve heard that you should dress one step higher than the position would require you to wear. So, pretend you got the job, what would you wear? A pair of dress pants and a nice dress shirt? For the interview, throw on a tie, but don’t pull out the suit, it’s just too dressy.

  • Parenting and Money

    These are good points. I want to add looking up the interviewers on LinkedIn also if you know who they are ahead of time. It helps to know their background too. Depending on the job, having a well presented portfolio of previous work can make a difference.

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