My Slow Progress in February and Weekly Round-Up



Could I make any less progress on my February Goals?! Wow. I’m realizing that it’s almost the end of February and I haven’t put in nearly the effort that I needed to in order to meet my goals. As promised though, I’m going to share my “progress” with you. As I think about it though, sure, I might not hit all of these goals (or any for that matter), but my site is still improved when you compare it to what it was last month. So I guess I can’t get too down on myself.

February Goals

1) Bring My Alexa Rank Below 100,000 – My Alexa Rank last week was 113,393, and today it’s at 114,164, so it’s basically gone unchanged for the week. I really have to keep an eye on this and put some more effort into attracting more visitors, after all, if your business isn’t moving forward, that means it’s going backwards. Time for me to get active in this category again. I really would like to get my Alexa Rank below 100k! If you’d like to help me achieve this, please download the Alexa Toolbar! Not only will your visits then count toward my rank, you’ll also be able to see the rank of every site you visit!

2) Grow my Subscriber Numbers to 1,100 – I really haven’t paid attention to my subscriber numbers this month, so there was virtually no progress in this category. I’m still hovering around the 908 number. So this is most definitely going to be a big fail! 🙁

3) Increase my Facebook Friends to 375 – I haven’t focused on this goal either. My Facebook friends have grown from 314 to 316. It’s incredibly slow progress, but I suppose it’s still progress, right? 😉

4) Increase My Twitter Followers to 1,300 – Twitter has been a struggle for me for a long time, so I put quite a lot of effort into this category this month. I have paid attention to related Tweets, responded to direct messages, and started following other Twitter users that relate to personal finance. I have grown my Twitter followers from 979 to over 1,100. It’s not quite my goal yet, but it’s not too shabby either. 🙂


Weekly Round-Up

I don’t always like to admit it, but there are a few articles out there that aren’t written by me, but are incredibly insightful and are fun to read! Here are a few of those articles from last week. Enjoy!

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