Fun Ways to Make Extra Money

Last week, I did an informal survey while riding the subway. I randomly asked a few friendly-looking strangers if they liked having extra money. For the ones that actually answered me (believe me, I received A LOT of weird looks, sideways glances and even a few scowls), I also asked the people if they wouldn’t mind sharing how they made the extra cash. Some of the responses I heard were bartending, selling things on Craigslist and eBay, babysitting and walking dogs.

The most unique response? Having a man proudly proclaim that he got paid to drink wine.

Wait a minute…paid to drink wine??  How is this possible?!

As luck would have it, the next stop was mine so I never had a chance to ask the man for more details. But the moment I got home, I opened my laptop to ask the mighty Google what on Earth he had been talking about. Turns out that people actually can get paid (and sometimes quite handsomely!) to sample beers, liquors and wines. Sounds like an excellent part-time job to me!

This got me thinking about all the wacky ways I’ve made extra money over the years. Then I thought about how I, like most people I know, love the influx of extra cash a side job or gig can provide, but I don’t want that job to be boring, mind-numbing or tedious. After a bit more research, I came up with the following FUN things I’d like to try at some point when I decide I want to make more money on the side.

Make Money While Drinking a Cold One

Yes, I’d love to get in on the paid-to-drink-beer action. Apparently, companies that produce alcoholic beverages hire marketing research companies to conduct focus groups and customer panels to gauge interest in their products. Not only will you get to sample some of the newest drinks out there, but you’ll earn a decent sum of money! To sign up, contact any local research firms in your area and express your interest in taking part in these types of studies and surveys.

Get Paid to Watch TV

I don’t really watch much TV, but I can get sucked into a few shows (How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men, anyone?). If I could not only watch my favorite shows while relaxing but get paid to do so all at the same time, I think I might find some level of Nirvana. 🙂

Options for being paid to watch TV include downloading apps that allow you to accumulate points based on your viewing preferences that can be redeemed for gift cards, joining the Nielsen network (if invited) to receive money in exchange for your viewing information and becoming a TV critic.

Turn Your Bicycle into a Money-Making Machine

After all this beer drinking and TV watching, I should probably get some exercise! I’d love to turn my bike into an income source by becoming a bike courier or giving biking tours of the city. I think it would be a fun way to see more of the city I live in, plus with the latter, I’d get to introduce my favorite areas (and more) to the tourists visiting Boston.

What are some fun ways you make extra money?

This post was written by Jen, a staff writer from The Happy Homeowner

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