May Goals Update and Weekly Round-Up



As much as I don’t want to admit it, today is my birthday! On May 19, 1985, I came into this world as a chubby 8lb 14oz kid. Twenty-eight years later, I look back on my life and realize that I’ve already achieved a lot. Of course, it hasn’t gone exactly as planned, but I’ve been learning from my mistakes and happy with my successes. There aren’t too many 28 year olds out there that have already had three promotions in their career at a very successful company, not to mention ownership of my own internet company, a seat on the Executive Board of a local non-profit, and on a path to receive my MBA by April, 2014. I’m thankful for all my blessings thus far, but hope to have many more worthwhile experiences in the future.

Ok Ok, that’s enough about me. I’m just trying to make myself feel a little better about my aging, and apparently I thought you should come along for the ride. Let’s talk about this website and the progress I’m making this month!

May Goals

Once again, this week has been busy. I’m doing my best just to keep up with my article writing, which typically captures an hour or two of my evenings every day. I think I’m going to have to up my price from $10 to $15 or $20 to slow things down a little. Either that, or I might take on some staff writing jobs that pay a little more and are consistent. Either way, things have been a little hectic so I’m not expecting to knock these goals out of the park, but let’s check the progress none-the-less.

1) Bring My Alexa Rank Down to 85,000 – Well I’m not quite sure how I did it, but my Alexa Rank is currently at 84,966! I did it! Now the trick will be to keep it there and decrease it even further next month. Stay tuned for that saga.

** I really would like to get my Alexa Rank below 70k (ultimately)! If you’d like to help me achieve this, please download the Alexa Toolbar! Not only will your visits then count toward my rank, you’ll also be able to see the rank of every site you visit! **

2) Create a Member’s Only Portion of my Site – Time keeps on tickin’, tickin’ tickin’….into the future….. If you don’t know that song, I’m sorry. If you do….still sorry 😉 . But seriously, the time just keeps slipping away on this one. I have made absolutely no progress on this over the past week. This upcoming week will be different though, I can feel it. Be ready to read an amazing report next week.

3) Continue to Write Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Had a close call on this one last week actually, but I still got that Sunday post up. Today has been a little better, and Monday, Wednesday, Friday are typically a piece of cake. As I’ve said before, I love writing for all you readers. 🙂


Weekly Round-Up

Once again, here are some of the best financial articles from last week! Enjoy!

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