May Income Report

Have you ever wondered if this site makes any money? And if it does, how much passive income does it bring in each month? For most of my online sites in the past, I have been more interested in quick money each month instead of setting up a passive income. Well no more! It’s time for me to create a consistent income each month, and in order to hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to share my financial information with you, my loyal reader. So let’s find out how much I’m earning and through what avenues!

Google AdSense Income

Ever since this site began, I have been using Google AdSense to earn a little money on the side. The first couple months produced almost no money, but I have consistently been updating and altering the structure of the site to make it more conducive to earnings. Last month, this site earned $116.50, which was excellent, but I have actually improved on it this month and earned $122.51. Not too shabby. I look forward to raising the bar on this number again next month.

Affiliate Income

Currently, the only affiliate income I have set up is through iPage, HostGator, and Bluehost, which are all webhosting sites where you can create a blog. If anyone clicks on my links and purchases their services, then I get a cut of their earnings at no additional cost to the buyer. Last month absolutely sucked because I earned exactly $0.00, so I decided to change my ad a little. Instead of just having a banner on the right-hand side of my page, I decided to show a video about what iPage is. This seemed to attract a few more clicks at first, but then they leveled out like the previous month. The month of May again produced zero dollars. I’ll have to keep experimenting.


When I first started this site, it was about getting out of debt and making money. In order to make it more real, I shared my great experiences with creating a blog, which turned into webhost sales. It was very lucrative for a while, but my focus has shifted to more of a money-saving, get out of debt site, and these ads don’t seem to pertain anymore. I need to find some other affiliate ads that benefit my readers and give me some consistent kick-backs as well. Hopefully my future changes will make a difference in next month’s earnings.

Summary of Passive Income

  • AdSense = $122.51
  • iPage = $0.00
  • HostGator = $0.00
  • BlueHost – $0.00
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