Why Do You Want More Money?

There are a lot of people in the world who say they want more money. Are you one of them? I have been, but there are times when I ask myself what more money actually means to me – why do I think having more money is important? Have you ever asked yourself why you want more money?

Maybe you want more money so that you can quit your day job. Maybe you want more money so you can pay off debt, maybe you want more money so you can have a bigger house or a fancier car or more expensive vacations. Maybe you just use money collection as a score card – thinking that if your net worth is big, your self worth must be as well.

Whatever your reason is for wanting more money, I’ll bet there are more fundamental motivations involved.

To really be successful in pursuing monetary gain – a life with lots of money – you need to understand those underlying motivations. Pursuing money just for the sake of getting more money is a pursuit doomed to failure. You will encounter difficulties, you will get bored, you will burn out, you will hate your life, you will lose interest, you will wonder why the heck you care about getting more money – unless you understand those fundamental concerns.

Dig deep to find your money motivation.

Let’s say you are mired in debt – student debt of say $15K and credit card debt of around $20K. You’ve got a car loan and a house loan and you’ve just lost your only source of income. Creditors are starting to call. You lay awake at night, sleepless with worry over what your family will do, what your parents think, how you will put food on the table for your kids and where you will live if you lose the house.

If I asked you if you wanted more money, I believe you would say YES, YES, YES. Used wisely, more money would reduce your debt. But really, it isn’t the debt reduction which is important to you. What might be the foundational experiences you want? Could it be that you want to be in control? If you had more money, you could control whether or not you keep your house. Could it be that you want tranquility? With more money, you could pay down your loan and get rid of the creditor calls disturbing your peace. At this point, you could ask yourself what besides more money could help you be in control and find tranquility.

Let’s say you are debt free, own your home outright, have millions invested and in cash and have just retired. If I asked if you wanted more money, I believe you might still say YES! Maybe you still worry about outliving your money or perhaps more money would allow you to take extravagant vacations. But really, it isn’t the luxury vacation which is important to you. Maybe your underlying dream is to experience new things before you die. If you had more money you could be assured of enough to last a lifetime and still LIVE during the life you have left. At this point you could ask yourself what else you could do (besides getting more money) to find the security and new experiences you seek.

Ask your self question after question, digging deeper into your dream for your life to see why YOU want more money.

There is no doubt that having access to sufficient funds allows you more options in life. BUT, if you can figure what options you need to live life on your terms, getting the funds will be much easier. You will have defined the life you want, the dream you have and can move forward from there to get the funding needed to pursue it. Money isn’t the end goal. Living your life on your terms is.

Do you want more money? Why (no really…..why)?

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