Save Money On Your Vacations

At this moment, I am officially on vacation! Over the last year, I really haven’t taken a vacation and have overworked myself with full-time work, website work, article writing, and MBA classes, and it feels good to finally take some time out for myself.

My Last Vacation

The last time I was on a vacation was a little over a year ago. At that time, I was in a relationship with a woman that would not stay in a hotel that had a rating less than four stars. We vacationed up north on Mackinac Island and over the course of a few days, we spent well over $1,500. I ignored the cost at the time because our enjoyment and memories were worth more than the cost of the vacation.

The Same Vacation Today

I smile when I think about the relationship that I’m in now. We are on a very similar trip, but instead of staying in four star hotels, we are tenting just off the island in a very nice campground on the lake for just $29 (in comparison to the $225 hotel stay last year).  I suspect that this entire vacation will cost us less than $250, and we’ll probably have a better time as well.

The main difference is the campground costs, but there are many other differences as well. Instead of spending $100 on a hotel dinner (where I didn’t know which silverware to use anyway), we will be cooking two juicy chicken breasts and sweet potatoes (purchased from the grocery store) that cost us a total of $5.00. Instead of renting bikes for $50, we are hiking the island on foot. It’s more adventurous and it’s absolutely free! Rather than spending all of our days on the island (which is the most expensive way to go), we are visiting the island for a day and then exploring the sites off of the island during the other days.

We are having an absolute blast and it has nothing to do with how much money we are spending. I hope you are having a great vacation as well.

Are you having fun without spending a bunch of money? What are you up to?


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