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  • Toni

    That Heartland 3% comes with using your debit card 25 times for over $5.00 each time…….I think I will take the 2%. Great article, thanks!!!

  • Unfortunately, the “Use your debit card at least 10 times a month” would prevent us from using these accounts. I hate debit cards that are tied to a bank account. It can be a royal pain to recover fraudulent charges done on a debit card. We have had it happen twice with credit cards. We just had to fill out an affidavit that stated which charges were fraudulent, and that was that. We were issued new credit cards, but other than that, we never heard a peep or were out cash for any length of time, unlike what could have happened with a debit card, where our account balance could have been drained.
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    • I have had my debit card hacked once. I got my money back within 2-3 days and a new card was issued. No hassle whatsoever. I’m going to earn $450 this year in bank interest alone. I’d say that’s pretty good and well worth a little bit of hassle should it come my way!

  • Toni

    I agree with you 100%. On 3 different occasions I have been hacked within 10 minutes of using a debit card. For anyone with friends at Southwest Airlines, I strongly suggest you get an acct. through their friends/family offer that happens once a year. “Have at least 15 SWACU debit or credit card purchases post and settle”

    Check it out:
    4.00% APY* on balances up to $25,000
    4.00% to 1.00% APY on balances over $25,000 depending on balance in account*
    0.10% APY* if you do not meet the qualifications
    Unlimited ATM fee refunds nationwide*
    No monthly service fee
    No minimum balance required to earn rewards
    Unlimited check writing
    Free debit card
    Free online banking with bill pay
    Free telephone banking
    Overdraft protection and Courtesy Pay available
    $30 minimum deposit to open (no minimum thereafter)
    NCUA insured


    In the modern world of marketing mumbo and giveaway gimmicks, we’re trained to think, “what’s the catch?” So we don’t blame you for asking. To earn your rewards, simply do the following transactions and activities in your LUV Reward Checking account each monthly qualification cycle:

    Be enrolled and receive e-Statement notice
    Have at least 1 direct deposit or 1 automatic payment (ACH) post and settle
    Have at least 15 SWACU debit or credit card purchases post and settle
    We figure the only person not already doing these is Montgomery Burns — and he’s a cartoon character. But just in case you don’t qualify, no worries. LUV Reward Checking is still a free checking account that earns our base dividend rate. Best of all, you can jump right back on that horse and earn the LUV Rewards the very next qualification cycle.

  • Ah Derek, you missed one that’s a really good deal. Santandar Bank (sp?). They put $20/month into your checking account if you make at least 2 electronic deposits a month that total $1,500 or more, and I believe there is also a need to pay 2 payments electronically every month. However there was no balance requirement.
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