How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt (in less than 100 words)

get out of credit card debtWant to get out of credit card debt? It really isn’t that hard, people. Suck it up, follow the steps, and ditch your debt.

  1. Start living on less (split rent, buy cheaper groceries, etc.)
  2. Each morning, visualize your fantastic life without credit card debt
  3. Increase your income (second job, side hustle, etc.)
  4. Sell anything you can and put the cash into savings (for future unknown emergencies)
  5. Put all of your extra earnings toward the smallest debt
  6. Pay off the smallest debt. Since you now have that monthly payment freed up, put it toward the next smallest debt.
  7. Repeat #5-6

And there you have it! A rock solid get out of credit card debt plan that anyone can win with, and in less than 100 words! Now stop reading about how to get out of credit card debt and start actually doing it!

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