Money and Patience: How to Keep Going When Financial Progress is Slow

financial progressI recently had a bit of set back in my own journey that caused me to start thinking (read: stressing out) about my perceived lack of financial progress. I’d made some investments in my business, client payments were late and I had to pull from my emergency fund to pay the credit card bill.

To some people, they would read this and say, “Eh, that’s no big deal.” But I’m emotional in these kinds of situations. To me, it was more like “I worked so hard to save that money and now I had to use it. This means it’s going to take me longer to reach my savings goal!”

This started a downward spiral where I felt like I wasn’t clear on what I want out of my finances and some goals seem like they are eons into the future. I felt like a fraud.

Fortunately, I did snap out of this funk and my finances are back on track after my minor setback. Here’s how I did it.

This post is from Amanda Abella, speaker and writer of all things personal finance.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

We all know that comparison is the thief of joy, but boy do we forget that! We especially forget it when it comes to things like financial progress because we associate it with status.

After my minor setback, I found myself comparing myself to a lot of my financial blogging heroes. Instead of doing what I normally do (get inspired), I proceeded to beat myself up because I felt behind in comparison to them.

It’s important to remember that we all have different financial goals. We all also have different journeys and lessons to learn when it comes to money. Not to mention, we all have different circumstances to deal with. Therefore, it’s utterly unfair to compare our journey to someone else’s.

Focus on abundance.

It’s so easy to find yourself in a downward spiral when you feel like you’re not making any financial progress. That’s because we’re conditioned to do this. Our DNA doesn’t help much here either because we’re wired to survive.

As hard as it is, focusing on abundance is a conscious shift you need to make in your mind. You need to believe you’ll be okay and that you can replace the money. It’s not easy to do in the moment, but it makes a huge difference.

After a few days of being in a funk, I decided to create positive affirmations about the financial goals I was trying to reach. I then taped them to white board in my work area. I began looking at them every day and after a couple of days I did start to feel better. A couple of days after that, the money came through and I had two new deals on the table.

When I did this exercise in the past, I was actually able to achieve every financial goal I set out to do, so I expect I’ll have similar results this time around.

Stay in the game.

The more I learn about money, the more I realize it’s all about patience and resilience. By not comparing yourself to others and by finding helpful tools to help you focus on abundance, you can find the resilience you need to make financial progress.

How’s your financial progress? Are you patient with your earnings?

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