Ready to Invest? Earn a Free $50 with Wealthsimple


The beauty of becoming a reputable blogger is that you can help tons of people with their financial decisions AND you can give them great deals on some fantastic products.

The second part…the part where you get an amazing deal…this is one of those times.

Wealthsimple is an investment website where you can buy low-cost ETFs that match your investment style. And, if you invest with them through this link, you can earn an extra $50!

This post contains affiliate links, but at no extra cost to you!

What’s So Great About Wealthsimple?

Why am I so excited to promote Wealthsimple?

I’ve got 7 solid reasons:

  1. They make diversification easy with simple investment options that fit your “money personality”Wealthsimple diversification
  2. They have socially responsible options if you’d rather avoid the companies with bad habits
  3. There’s no minimum investment which means no one has an excuse! 🙂
  4. The fees are super low – zero fees for investments less than $5,000 and only 0.5% for accounts greater than that (and as low as 0.4% if you invest >$100k)
  5. Investing is open to U.S. AND Canadian citizens! Yay for Canada!
  6. There’s actual human help – Have a question about your investments? You can actually call a Wealthsimple professional for free!
  7. They’re tried and true – They have over $1 billion invested and are highly secure. I trust them completely.

Actually, I trust them so completely that I’ve invested some of my own money with them. The process was simple, straightforward, and quite honestly, it was a complete delight.

How Can You Get Started and Earn Your $50?

So how can you get started? What’s the process?

To make things super simple for you (so you can earn your free $50), I’ve outlined the exact process here. Sign up, invest your funds, and be sure to leave a comment to tell us about your awesome experience!

Alright, enough talk. Let’s get signed up today!

1) Click this link or the banner below

Wealthsimple login page


2) Enter your personal information

After you click, “Claim your bonus”, Wealthsimple will ask you a number of questions like, “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “What are your assets worth?”, “What’s your risk tolerance?” (see below). These are all basic questions that help them match you up with the best possible investment options for you.

Wealthsimple how old are you

Then there are some other questions that might take you a little off guard. They’ll ask where you work, what’s your social security number, and if you’re a director or executive at your current place of employment. Don’t be alarmed by these. All investment brokers have to ask these questions now to protect against insider trading. Just respond honestly, and they’ll keep your information secure.

3) Accept their recommendation or ask for a change

Once you get through the questions (which should only take 5 minutes or so), they’ll recommend a diversified portfolio that matches your investment personality. Mine looked awesome, so I just accepted it and moved forward. If you think you should be in a different risk category, you can always choose to start over.

Wealthsimple diversified portfolio

Then, select what type of account you’d like to open.

  • If you’re investing on the side and would like to take the money out whenever, choose “Personal” like I did.
  • If you want to invest until you’re 60 or later, then it’s probably best to choose the “Roth IRA” to avoid tax on any growth.

4) Verify your email and enter your bank info

At this point, Wealthsimple will send you an email to verify your account. Simply head to your inbox, click the “verify” button, and then head back to the Wealthsimple site to continue your sign-up.

You’ll agree to the W9 terms (this is a common form that everyone has to sign), and then select “Fund your Personal” (or Roth IRA, or whatever you chose in the prior step).

Then add your bank account. Either find your bank in the list or add it manually (which is super easy – just enter your routing and account number).

Once you do that, they’ll submit a couple transactions to your bank that you later verify to make sure everything is legit (like I said, they’re a very secure site). Then you simply transfer your money over to invest! It’s super simple!

What’s Holding You Back? Start Investing Today!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re completely out of consumer debt (car, student loans, credit cards, etc.) and have some extra money to invest, this is a great way to get started AND you get a free $50 in your account just for investing! It’s a great deal in the present AND for your future.

Click here to invest with Wealthsimple.

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