How to Make a Passive Income with Wealthsimple


passive income with wealthsimpleAre you interested in earning a passive income? Well heck yeah, who wouldn’t be?? I mean, if you had a chance to hand someone $1,000 with the agreement that they’d come back to you in 6 years with $2,000, we’d probably all hurry up and scrounge up $1,000, right? Actually, I’d gather up $100,000 to try to get $200,000! 😉

This is what passive income does for you. It allows you to invest either time or money up front, and then kick back and watch the money flow in while doing absolutely nothing. An easy example to comprehend is writing a book. Once you print the thing and put in on the shelves, the work is done.

All you have to do after that is sit back and ask your publisher how many you’ve sold and what your royalty check is. Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

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How to Make a Passive Income with Wealthsimple

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Wealthsimple is an investment firm that helps you earn a passive income – an extreme passive income.

I started investing with them in July and have done absolutely nothing since that initial set-up. Since then, I’ve earned 2.6% on my money (which equates to 13% yearly). That’s an amazing return considering the minimal effort I put in!

Here’s a list of the funds they’ve got me invested in. ALL of them have made money.


If you’re looking to earn a true passive income, I would definitely recommend this avenue.

Still not convinced? What if I told you they were offering a $50 bonus to any new investor? It’s absolutely true. You could invest $1 and they’d put $50 in your account, just for getting started. But hurry, this offer only lasts for a few more days! (I’m trying to get the offer extended, but no luck so far…)

1) Sign Up Through My Special Link (Where you’ll earn $50 Free)

passive income with wealthsimple

2) Enter your personal information and accept their investment recommendation

Wealthsimple how old are you


3) Verify your email and fund your account

At this point, Wealthsimple will send you an email to verify your account. Simply head to your inbox, click the “verify” button, and then head back to the Wealthsimple site to continue your sign-up.

You’ll agree to the W9 terms (this is a common form that everyone has to sign), and then select “Fund your Personal” (or Roth IRA, or whatever you chose in the prior step).


Once you do that, they’ll submit a couple transactions to your bank that you later verify to make sure everything is legit (they’re a very secure site). Then you simply transfer your money over to invest! That’s it!

Make a Passive Income with Wealthsimple Today!

If you’re concerned about making mistakes with your investments, but you don’t like the idea of hiring a personal financial advisor, then this is the absolute best option for you. You simply sign-up, tell them about your goals, and they assign you a fantastic investment package that works alongside your goals. You agree to their recommended funds and you’re done. You’re officially an investor and you can leave all your worries behind. If you have any more questions, let me know, but if I were you, I’d get started today!

Click here to start earning a passive income with Wealthsimple, and be sure to tell me about your experience!!

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11 comments to How to Make a Passive Income with Wealthsimple

  • Cristina

    I can’t decide on this versus Betterment’s retirement plan. Do you have any advice?

    • From my understanding, Betterment has more options for investing, but Wealthsimple is more aligned with your needs and better automates the selection. So, if you’re not sure what to pick or are nervous about investing on your own, Wealthsimple is a great choice. Plus, they offer $50 once you start your investments!

      In short, both are awesome options and you’d do great with either. The key is just to get started and invest for your future!

  • I’m so glad I caught this before the offer expired! Thanks Derek – signing up using your link now. I’ve been super interested in trying out all the auto-investment options because no matter how hard I try, the stock market just goes over my head.

  • Lea

    I have been reading your website for a few years and I see over and over about investing in stock… I get the idea of it you put money in and it somehow gets bigger… I just don’t understand how you get money back? If you put a dollar and next week it’s 2 dollars, and you take your two dollars, then it’s done right? How does that make you money for using monthly or quarterly if when you take it back bigger or not, then it’s not making money anymore cus it’s in your pocket lol. Sorry for my ignorance. I really want to learn but I can’t seem to find info that is not big or scary sounding. This sounds easy but that one thing, residual = money back, if you take the money out it stops being residual… Oh Lord please set my mind right!

    • Hi Lea!! You’re absolutely right. You buy company stocks in companies that earn money and are growing. The more assets they have and the more income they make, the more they’re worth per share of stock!

      Wealthsimple invests you in a ton of stocks for safety, but in the right stocks so you still have the opportunity to make good money. When you sell, the earnings are over and you do with your remaining money what you wish!

      Hope this helps!!

  • Nicole

    Boo… I missed getting in on the deal. I have been toying around with trying either Betterment or Wealthsimple. I am also reading information about Robinhood. I need to start outside investing of my 401K somewhere…

    • I’m trying to get it extended again, but not sure if I can. It’s still a great way to invest though, even without the $50 promo.

    • Hey Nicole! Just thought I’d let you know that Wealthsimple extended their offer into November! If you invest $100, you get $50. No excuses now! Let me know when you sign up so I can be sure they credit you with the freebie $50!

  • I’ve just heard of this from my clients and it looks promising! I shall review this concept further as I visit the site using your link.

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