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  • whiskey

    I had no IDEA!!! Right… We switched to a CU years ago. At the time it was offering interest like those shown above. It has fallen quite a bit over the years but at the same time, ours offers discounts if you: have a mortgage with them, use the card more than 10x, direct deposit, savings acct with XX amt, and another dozen or so items. Ours winds up making us about 15 bucks a month just in “incentives”. The interest isn’t that much but better than any of the banks around here. (Yea Im an OLDER fart so Im not much into internet banking only) but have seen rates and other incentives that are impressive.

    tldr: get up and quit being lazy. do some research and you can make money…

    • Hi Whiskey! Lol – yeah, I know YOU know this stuff. It’s crazy though how often I hear from people that can’t fathom earning 3% on their checking account. In reality, they’re everywhere and can easily earn you $400+ a year by doing absolutely nothing! It’s been awesome for us, and I smile every month when I see that extra $35 deposited into our account.

  • Hayley

    Thank you for this search. We just refinanced out of PMI and now can make our own escrow to pay our taxes and insurance. I was looking for somewhere to store these funds and make a little extra on them. That would also be a good strategy to share with your readers who are doing the same.

    • Great job getting out of PMI and taking care of the escrow payment yourself! I did this years ago and it was so much nicer to have complete control of the tax and insurance payments. No more bank choke-holds on my money.

      Glad you liked the table of credit union options. Find a good one and start making some money!

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