14 Retro Date Night Ideas That Will Save You Money

I’m a huge proponent of dating your spouse long after the march down the aisle. This is especially relevant when it comes to finances due to the volatile money problems that arise between couples. If you’ve used a lack of resources as an excuse for not going on dates, I’m here to share some retro date night ideas that are designed to get you back out there and save you money.

“Retro” as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “Relating to, reviving and being the styles and especially the fashions of the past.”

So, what is a retro date night? Imagine you’re 16 again and you’re heading out for a date. What kind of budget did you have? Did your dad hand you a $20 before you left? Perhaps you saved up from your minimum wage job of flipping burgers, earning $6.25 per hour (or less – that was minimum wage . . . → Read More: 14 Retro Date Night Ideas That Will Save You Money

How You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars (Free Budget Sheet Included!)

Save Hundreds of Dollars

Oh the random financial complaints at work…

“An extra $1,000 a month? Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice.” “Nobody can possibly afford to stay at home with their kids anymore. It’s just not possible!” “So you just signed your life away on that mortgage? Don’t worry, everyone has debt.”

I find myself having to bite my lip more and more these days. Apparently, the more fiscally wise you become, the less you can relate to…well, anybody. But, if I were given the choice to either relate to broke people or to be insanely wealthy, I think I’d choose insanely wealthy every time, wouldn’t you?

How You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month

The truth is, I used to have a broke mentality for quite a few years. I bought TVs, stereos, flashy cars – I thought I was pretty big stuff.

…And then I discovered that I couldn’t even afford . . . → Read More: How You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars (Free Budget Sheet Included!)

10 Habits of the Rich You Need to Start…NOW!

Do you want to be rich? Duh…Don’t we all? If you had the choice between earning $25,000 a year or $150,000, which would you choose? I think all of us would choose the later, hands down every time. The real question is, how do we get there? How do we become rich?

The answer is quite simple actually. I mean think about it. If you wanted to be an amazing athlete…let’s say, a basketball player. What would you do? Play basketball once a month and hope for the best?….No (this is, by the way, is how people in our culture try to attain wealth – by doing nothing and assuming they’ll get everything they don’t really deserve). Instead, you’d probably learn everything you could about the greatest basketball players of our time from every resource possible. And then do exactly what they did to get to where they are, and . . . → Read More: 10 Habits of the Rich You Need to Start…NOW!

Want Prosperity? It’s Up to YOU!!

I am sick to my stomach. I’m angry. I’m ashamed.

Burning flags? Setting fire to effigies? Blasting your vulgarities all over Facebook? How is this helping our country again? How are you solving our nations problems?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. The government is supposed to solve all your problems. You have absolutely nothing to do with it.


It’s Up to YOU

In the past week, everything’s changed, but at the same time nothing has changed. We still have a President. There are still checks and balances in the judicial system that keep one man/woman from having unlimited power. And probably most importantly, this world will still not somehow be transformed by that supposed sole person in charge.

Are you concerned about your retirement?

Then maybe you should save up some money and invest instead of spending it all cars, restaurants, and vacations. Stop depending on Social Security. . . . → Read More: Want Prosperity? It’s Up to YOU!!

How to Make Your Spouse Care About Getting Out of Debt

You park the car, grab the shopping bags, and wait. You have to make sure your spouse is not at the front door before you run inside and shove them in the closet. The last thing you need is another lecture about spending money.

Or maybe you’re the other half. You open the credit card bill and your mouth drops open. How could the balance be that high? Was there some emergency? You scan the charges. That’s the mall. Mall. Mall?? Looks like we need to have another discussion.

How to Make Your Spouse Care About Getting Out of Debt

This post has been written by the incredibly talented, Jamie Jeffers.

Whether you’re the spender or the saver, living life like this isn’t fun for anyone. Articles such as this have been around for years: Money is the leading cause of strife in relationships.

Since you’re reading a blog . . . → Read More: How to Make Your Spouse Care About Getting Out of Debt

How Much Should You Spend On That??

House - how much should you spend

How much of your income should go toward your mortgage payment? How much for food? What about your car? Everyone has a different opinion, but what are the wise numbers? How much should you spend on that??

Nobody wants to barely scrape by each month and end up with very little in retirement, so let’s dig into these numbers and figure out what amounts are best for you!

How Much Should You Spend on That?

The single biggest purchase for nearly everyone in America is……that’s right, a house. We all start out our lives living in a crummy apartment, dreaming of home ownership. After a couple years at a full-time job, we decide to take the plunge and head to the bank to see how much house we can afford (which is typically our first HUGE mistake in life…).

The bank tells us that our mortgage loan can be 28% . . . → Read More: How Much Should You Spend On That??

9 Fantastically True Quotes About Money

Quotes on Money

Money. It’s a mystery to many. Some know exactly where to look and others would probably do better if they ignored money altogether. Many consume it in an instant, while only a few have money plans that outlive them. Some say money is evil. Others say it’s a blessing.

I guess it’s not so much money that’s the fascinating part. It’s society’s warped views about what it is and what it isn’t – and it seems to change every day.

Want to know what my views are? Check out the quotes about money below.

“Rich people stay rich by living like their broke. Broke people stay broke by living like they’re rich.”

Some of the wealthiest people I know live in houses that are 1,500 square feet or less. They drive cars that are 10 years old. And they most definitely don’t wear Rolex watches.

Broke people, on the other . . . → Read More: 9 Fantastically True Quotes About Money

How I Raised My Credit Score to 750 In Less Than 3 Years

I remember when I applied to move into my first apartment. I was told I didn’t have a credit score so I would have to have a cosigner. The first thought that ran through my mind was “Wouldn’t you rather take the chance on someone without a credit score, than on someone with a bad one?”

How I Raised My Credit Score to 750

Sadly, not having a credit score can be just as hurtful as having a low score. Once I moved into my apartment, I made the decision to have a decent score by the time I was 21, and I succeeded. So how did I do it?

I Checked My Score

This post has been written by our regular contributor, Kimberly Studdard!

When I first moved out on my own, I didn’t really know what a credit score was. I was raised to pay cash for . . . → Read More: How I Raised My Credit Score to 750 In Less Than 3 Years

21 Ways to Get Your Paycheck Back!!

This is a paycheck stub. Almost every American can relate to the big number on the top, and the much smaller number at the bottom (you know, after Uncle Sam robs you blind).

A few weeks ago, I informed all of you that you own very little of your paycheck (Who Owns Your Paycheck?), but I neglected to tell you how you can win that money back! Well, today’s the day. If you’re sick of giving all your money away and having nothing left at the end of the month, this is a must read for you. Get out your pen and notepad, it’s time to get your money back!

21 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Paycheck

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “How on earth can I get this money back? I can’t just stop paying my taxes!” You’re right. You still need to pay Big Brother a percentage of . . . → Read More: 21 Ways to Get Your Paycheck Back!!

Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

In the last couple of weeks, an interesting financial concept has made it’s way into my life. I’ve begun to wonder if it’s ever a good idea to be what some would perceive to be as stupid with money.

Before you slam your laptop shut, hear me out by reading the following example. The reason this has come up is because of a trend I’m seeing in my hometown of Miami among my millennial peers.

This post was written by Amanda Abella – a fabulous writer, speaker, and financial coach!

Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

While our local economic situation is a long story, here’s the short version: Rent is through the roof and millennials are still living at home as a result. We’re pretty sure this market is going to tank and rent will come down because Miami has a rich history of this, but . . . → Read More: Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?