Will You Have Enough Money to Retire? (Use This Free Tool to Find Out)

Will You Have Enough Money to Retire

“Will I have enough money to retire?….Or will I end up broke, surviving on dog food and spam?” I joke about it, but this is a serious worry for 99% of us today, and why shouldn’t it be? Socking money away for retirement isn’t easy, and it can get pretty complicated figuring out exactly how much our monthly contributions will grow into 40 years from now.

That’s why I created this simple tool, “The Retirement Calculator“.

Simply click the link and the calculator will download to your PC – you’ll see it in the lower left-hand corner of your screen once it downloads.

Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?

To figure out if your money will last through your entire retirement, you’ll have to answer just five simple questions:

How old are you? At what age do you want to retire? How much money is currently in your retirement . . . → Read More: Will You Have Enough Money to Retire? (Use This Free Tool to Find Out)

You’ve Got Money, Now What?

You've got money, now what?

Most of the adult population is asking Siri questions like,

“How can I buy a house with $0 down?” “What should I do if I can’t make all of my payments this month?” “How do I survive on Social Security?”

But not you…

You’ve Got Money, Now What?

You’ve scrimped, saved, sacrificed, and now you’ve got a pretty impressive nest egg built up for yourself. First of all, congratulations! You’re one of the few.

But, because you’re in the financial minority, there really isn’t a ton of material out there for you, the responsible saver with loads of money. So what is it that you should do?

1) Let Yourself Enjoy It

All your life you’ve been following the mantra of living below your means, saving for a rainy day, and investing heavily for your retirement. You are a natural saver. When you live like this for 20, 30, or . . . → Read More: You’ve Got Money, Now What?

10 Ways to Earn Money With Your Tax Return

Earn Money With Your Tax Return

People all across America are opening their mailboxes with that unmistakable grin on their faces. Finally, it’s not just bills in that metal box. There’s a paycheck in there and it’s from Uncle Sam! They grab that holy grail of a parcel, hold it up in the air and shout, “This money is going straight to savings!”

….Errrr, maybe not.

More than likely, they’ve already found out how much they’re getting back, spent it 3 times over with their credit cards, and now they’ll spend this money foolishly on something else (you know, instead of actually paying for the dumb thing they bought when they heard they were getting the refund).

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10 Ways to Earn Money With Your Tax Return Dollars

But YOU are different. YOU’RE reading this blog because you want to be fiscally wise and are therefore thinking differently about this money. What . . . → Read More: 10 Ways to Earn Money With Your Tax Return

The 5 Basics of Investing That Everyone Should Know

Basics of Investing

Are you curious about investing, but are afraid that you don’t know enough? Or maybe you’re terrified of losing money? You’re not alone for sure. I have a job in finance and I own and operate this personal finance website, and I still often feel like I don’t know enough!

But the truth is that absolutely no one knows everything there is to know about the world of investments – even those that do it every day. But each day another millionaire is made because they learned a few simple investment basics many years ago. And now, it’s your turn.

The 5 Basics of Investing

Here’s my disclaimer… I am not an investment professional nor do I claim to be. BUT, in the past six years I have turned my non-existent retirement account from zero dollars to over $70,000 with positive earnings in every year.

These are the principles I . . . → Read More: The 5 Basics of Investing That Everyone Should Know

The Rental Property Wealth Calculator: Your Path to Millionaire Status

Rental Property Wealth Calculator


Do you have a passion for real estate? Have you ever wondered how fast your rental empire could grow? And how quickly you’d become wealthy?

I’ve spent quite a few nights trying to figure out over the years:

When we’ll have enough money to buy the next rental How much we’ll earn from year to year And how much our net worth will grow as I acquire more and more rentals

Pretty much I always ended up with a notebook page filled with scribbles and cross-outs, and a very vague sense of how everything would play out with the rentals 10+ years from today.

Finally, I decided that I’ve had enough with my rough estimations! It was time to figure out all of the details exactly. So you probably know what that means! It was time to build another Excel-based calculator! 🙂

(Interested in all the free tools . . . → Read More: The Rental Property Wealth Calculator: Your Path to Millionaire Status

5 Influential Investing Books We Should All Read

influential books we should all read

Unless you have a business degree or work in the world of finance, investing can be intimidating. However, what you don’t know about stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be downright expensive; if you pick the wrong fund for your 401(k), IRA, taxable account or any other, you can put your financial life at risk.

Fortunately, there have been some terrific influential books written that can help distill the art and science of investing into something the average reader can understand. Here are five great books every new investor should add to their library, as they try to comprehend the world of high finance.

This post was written by our talented writer, Will Lipovsky. Enjoy!

The Intelligent Investor

If you could only read one book on investing, Benjamin Graham’s 1973 classic is the one to choose. The Intelligent Investor describes the history and operation of the stock market, its inner . . . → Read More: 5 Influential Investing Books We Should All Read

Investing: It’s Not About The Percentage of Growth

It seems like everyone is trying to beat the market these days. If the general market earns 8%, they want to earn 10%. If it reaps gains of 12%, then they want 15%. And they figure if they pick just the right stocks, they can earn beefy returns and retire with loads of cash at their disposal.

I guess it makes sense, right? If I was given the choice between 10% returns and 20% returns, then I’d choose 20%! I mean, why not? The only thing is, nobody has a clue how to do this. In fact, it’s been proven time and time again that monkeys can choose stocks better than the financial experts!

And you know what? A massive percentage of growth in your investments isn’t the main factor to riches anyway! Think I’m nuts? Read on and let me prove you wrong. I promise I won’t gloat too . . . → Read More: Investing: It’s Not About The Percentage of Growth

Retire Extremely Early – The 7 Keys

Are you one of those crazy people that aspire to retire extremely early? Like earlier than 50? Earlier than 40? Heck, maybe you even have the goal to retire by 30! It’s been done before, so why not you?

What would you like to do with your early retirement?


Travel the world Volunteer in your local community Lay on the beach all day Do….anything! 7 Keys to Retire Extremely Early

You might not know exactly what you want to do, but you DO KNOW that you don’t want to work in a cubicle from 8am-6pm for the rest of your life. So why not save up a pile of cash and enjoy life in retirement while you’re still young?

If you think this sounds like heaven, then let’s figure out what you’ll need to do to make it possible!

1) Get Out of Debt

If you’re trying to beef . . . → Read More: Retire Extremely Early – The 7 Keys

My Silver Motif Investments – How Are They Tracking?

myths that are draining your wallet

The stock market sure has been a wild ride lately! First, we were all scared by Brexit, then the economy showed signs of strength, so the market bounced back. Next, Donald Trump became our new President elect and the market went into a panic – only to be followed by one of the best stock market runs we’ve seen in a while.

It sure has been a roller coaster. So how have my Silver Motif investments fared?

My Silver Motif Investments

Alright, for those of you that don’t know about my Motif investments, here’s the quick update:

Liz and I have quite a bit of cash, and I wanted a hedge investment in case the market crashed I stumbled upon Motif Investing, where I could invest in silver as a sound hedge I bought $1,000 worth of a precious metals fund The fund soared 30% almost immediately I did . . . → Read More: My Silver Motif Investments – How Are They Tracking?

Free College Investment Calculator: It Costs More Than You Think

Do you want to help your child financially with college? My wife and I definitely do, but we had two problems:

We had no idea how much college tuition would be 18 years from now We didn’t know how much we should invest monthly to fund that amount

If you’re not a Financial Advisor or a Financial Aid Counselor, then I suspect you’ve got the same issues, which is exactly why I dug through the details, put together an Excel spreadsheet, and developed a tool that will help every single parent calculate the cost of college!

Download the Free College Investment Calculator here Free College Investment Calculator

Before you plunk in your numbers, let me tell you… it’s going to be more than you think. That was my experience anyway.

Our daughter Addi is 6 months old. We opened a 529 fund a couple of months ago and currently have . . . → Read More: Free College Investment Calculator: It Costs More Than You Think