4 Reasons Millionaires Are Not The Scum of the Earth

Okay to be a millionaire

Here is society’s view on the rich and the poor:

Rich people are greedy, underhanded sleazeballs and share their money with no one Poor people don’t have the opportunity to get ahead and are stuck in poverty forever It’s up to the government to redistribute the wealth and make everything fair again

…My face is getting red just writing out those statements. Each one of them just seems so ridiculous to me that it becomes almost unfathomable that this is now our nation’s typical line of thinking.

If I were given the chance to change the statements above (and I will…since after all, this is my website), I would have them read this way:

Rich people earn their wealth by serving others. The more people they serve, the more wealthy they become. Poor people discredit the fact that the wealthy have worked their butts off and sacrificed greatly for their . . . → Read More: 4 Reasons Millionaires Are Not The Scum of the Earth

How to Save Money at Home With Your Broadband

save money at home on your broadband

Having broadband at home can be a great initiative for people who want to work from home or simply enjoy surfing the internet. There are various ways that you can save on your broadband bills and still enjoy the same services that you have always wanted. Many people, however, are not aware of these multiple ways to save on their broadband expenses and end up paying extra bills that they could have otherwise avoided.

This is a guest post from my friend Kim, and could be a great help for all of our UK friends!

How to Save Money at Home With Your Broadband

Want to save money at home with your broadband? Check out these options!

1) Check whether you are eligible for a subsidy

Few people know about this method of saving and end up paying money that they would have saved to pay other bills. The government . . . → Read More: How to Save Money at Home With Your Broadband

My April 2017 Blog Income Report

Another month is over, which means it’s time to tally up the income! As a whole, I was pleasantly surprised with my earnings – not necessarily because of the amount, but how I did it. Stick with me here, and I’ll tell you exactly how I earned the money and why I’m so encouraged by it.

My April 2017 Blog Income Report

I fricken love this blog. Not only do I love sharing my financial knowledge with all of you, but I also love how this blog challenges me to learn more and more about money every day! After all, if I learn nothing new about personal finance, what the heck would I write about??

Do you have something you want to get better at? I’d highly recommend blogging about it. You’ll certainly get better at whatever it is you want to improve upon, AND you can impact others while . . . → Read More: My April 2017 Blog Income Report

8 Tips to Help Land Your First Freelance Client

Land your first freelance client

If you have been looking to start a side hustle, or you want to quit your 9-to-5 job, freelancing is one of the best things that you could try. But how do you land your first freelance client when starting on your freelancing journey? Here are ten tips that can help!

This post was written by our regular personal finance writer, Kimberly Studdard.

#1. Know What You Want To Do

First things first, you should know what you want to do as a freelancer. Do you want to write? Do you want to be a virtual assistant? Are you into photo editing? These are questions to ask yourself so you can narrow your focus.

This is key to help you land your first freelance client, because knowing what type of work you want to do will help you search in the right areas when looking for your ideal client. . . . → Read More: 8 Tips to Help Land Your First Freelance Client

How to Start Paying Off Your Debt If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

paying off debt if you're feeling overwhelmed

A friend of mine recently asked for my advice as it pertained to paying off debt. She had about $5,000 in debt across a couple of credit cards and a personal loan and wasn’t making any progress on paying it off.

When I asked her why, she responded with “I just feel overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start.”

This post has been written by Amanda Abella, accomplished writer and speaker in the area of personal finance.

Overwhelm and Procrastination

Before getting into how to start paying off debt, it would be beneficial to discuss the relationship between overwhelm and procrastination.

Overwhelm happens when we feel like the task at hand is too big. We may also feel it when we are unsure of how to tackle it. Instead of starting to take action in even the smallest of ways, we let our feelings about overwhelm (namely fear) . . . → Read More: How to Start Paying Off Your Debt If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years or Less!

pay off your mortgage

“How long have you been living in the area?” asked the dental assistant. “Well, I’m officially making my last mortgage payment this month,” the grinning male patient responded. “Oh! So you’ve been here for 30 years, wow!”

This interaction seriously made me throw up a little. Debt has become such a normalcy in our society that people are starting to mark their live’s events by it!

(FYI, the norm wasn’t always a 30 year mortgage. People used to take out short term loans from the bank to pay for their homes, and then they paid cash for upgrades and increase acreage as they went along.)

I don’t know about you, but when people ask me about my life, I want to tell them about my kids, my travels, my experiences. NOT my long-term debts.

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years or Less

I started paying off my . . . → Read More: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years or Less!

Why You Should Shop Around for Car Insurance (and How to Do It)

car insurance

People who try to keep their finances balanced know that vehicle expenditures are one of the most wildly variable budgetary categories. From loan payments to gas purchases to repair fees, cars are fraught with potential spending black holes. You have probably spent time brainstorming ways to cut these expenses in the past, but you may not realize one way you can decrease your driving-related spending is to alter your car insurance. Here are some good reasons to shop around for car insurance and some pointers for saving big.

Different Discounts

Most car insurance companies offer the same basic packages, so it is important to find out if the areas where they differ can affect you. Start by listing your specific circumstances that may have an impact on your insurance rates. If you are a single parent in graduate school with two teenagers, then your teenagers could cause your insurance rates . . . → Read More: Why You Should Shop Around for Car Insurance (and How to Do It)

How to Get Your Masters Without Going into More Debt

masters without going into more debt

Getting out of college debt free puts you in a huge advantage over your fellow students who will be forced to take the first job they can find so that they can start making payments on their loans. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to hold out for your dream job.

Get Your Masters Without Going into More Debt

You’ll be able to afford taking the unpaid internship that leads to the paid job opportunity. You could take a year to travel the world before starting your career. Whatever it is you dream of doing, you just have so much more opportunity when you aren’t burdened by student debt. So here are a few tips for how to finance your post graduate studies without getting into extra debt!

This post was written by a new blogger in the personal finance arena, Kostas Chiotis at Financial Blog Zone.

#1 Sacrifice Now, Reap the . . . → Read More: How to Get Your Masters Without Going into More Debt

How to Teach Your Kids About Money at Any Age!

Teach Your Kids About Money

Many people go through life and don’t have the opportunity to learn about the importance of money and financial wellness. If you want to teach your kids about money but don’t know where to start, this guide breakdown by age may help!

This post has been written by our regular contributor, Kimberly Studdard.

Ages 2-3

While kids this age don’t understand the value of money just yet, there are a few easy ways to introduce them to the concept. The first way would be to start saving with them, and talk to them about their coins and dollars! You can buy a simple piggy bank, or even use an old jar. Every time you put a few coins or dollars in, identify them with your toddler.

To take things a little further, you can also have your toddlers trace their coins or play the matching game. While these won’t . . . → Read More: How to Teach Your Kids About Money at Any Age!

7 Ways Debt Can Make You Sick (Literally)

debt can make you sick

It’s easy to think that physical health is only affected by the obvious things; fall over and you might break a bone or pull a muscle, forget to wash your hands and along comes an upset stomach – but the truth is your body is extremely complex, seemingly unrelated events can cause illnesses that you might not expect or foresee.

Living with debt can be a huge strain on a person’s mental well-being – but not everybody recognizes the links between money problems and physical ill-health. “I’ve had a stressful day” has likely come out of most people mouths at some point – but debt can pile that stress on every day – and when stress is present in a person’s life for any amount of time, it can have profound effects on that person’s health so it’s important that you seek debt help & advice as soon as . . . → Read More: 7 Ways Debt Can Make You Sick (Literally)