Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts to Get This Year

last minute father's day gifts

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It’s that time of year again! Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day for your dad, husband, or any other special man in your life, it’s important to show him how much you appreciate him.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

…But what do you do if you don’t have much time to get him a gift? Here are 5 last minute Father’s Day gifts that you can get your loved one.

This post has been written by Kimberly Studdard.

1) Gift Cards

This is one of the perfect last minute Father’s Day gifts you can get for the man who has everything! Gift cards are easy to get and use, plus you have a ton of options when it comes to choosing the . . . → Read More: Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts to Get This Year

Tips for Maximizing Your Retirement Savings and Decreasing Taxes

retirement savings

Holding a job is never fun, but it should pay off at some point or another. After you’ve worked for twenty or thirty years, you should be able to retire and begin enjoying a work-free life. However, you must remember that a good retirement requires plenty of planning and many years of saving.

Maximize Your Savings and Decrease Taxes

By planning early and saving as much as possible, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing you’ll have plenty of money to travel the world, buy luxurious items and avoid returning to work in the future. Below, you will find tips for maximizing your retirement savings, while simultaneously decreasing your taxes.

Maxing Out Your 401k

The mass majority of American workers will have access to a 401k. This will typically be sponsored by your employer and they should be willing to match your contributions. Remember that you can allocate a large . . . → Read More: Tips for Maximizing Your Retirement Savings and Decreasing Taxes

Do You Have a Rich Mindset or a Poor Mindset? (Take the Test to Find Out!!)

rich mindset

Bob and Jim are identical in almost every way. They’re both tall, thin, semi-athletic, they both love the show “American Pickers”….AND they net exactly $60,000 a year from their day jobs…. But they do differ in one area: How they spend their money.

Do You Have a Rich Mindset or a Poor Mindset?

Bob isn’t out of control with his money – I mean, he always has enough to pay the bills and he actually saves a little bit each month too. In his mind, he’s doing quite well, but in reality he has a poor mindset and saves far less than what’s necessary to be rich.

Jim, on the other hand, has a rich mindset. He knows that simply “paying the bills” isn’t enough to get ahead financially. While Bob only saves 1% of his income each month, Jim saves 33%.

Same Income, Different Savings Plan

. . . → Read More: Do You Have a Rich Mindset or a Poor Mindset? (Take the Test to Find Out!!)

Top 5 Ways You’re Losing Money When Buying a Car

losing money while buying a car

According to USA Today, over 17.5 million new cars were sold in the U.S. in 2015…. And then a new record was set in 2016 with sales topping 17.55 million.

We Americans sure love our cars, and sometimes we get so enamored with the look, the smells, and the status symbol of the brand that we lose all sense of logic during the new car purchase. And with the escape of logic, we often find ourselves questioning our purchase just hours after the buy…

Top 5 Ways You’re Losing Money When Buying a Car

You’re losing money, you know it, but what’s really happening during the car sale? And how much are you getting screwed because of what you don’t know?

It’s time to stop the madness. Take note of these 5 ways you’re losing money when buying a car and vow to never let them happen again.

1) . . . → Read More: Top 5 Ways You’re Losing Money When Buying a Car

3 Straightforward Insights For the Rent vs. Buy Riddle

buy a home on a low income

People are having serious arguments and deep conversations about the buying vs. renting a house debacle. The traditional American dream supports home ownership and you are still not “made” until you own a home. Modern insights into the real economic of owning a home suggests that it doesn’t always make the best financial sense. In fact, quite a number of people in Europe are content to rent for life.

However, I strongly believe that all the rent vs. buy arguments are pointless – each to his/her own. Buying a home makes perfect sense in some scenarios and renting a home could be the smartest choice in other instances. This piece seeks to disabuse your mind with three questions that could help you untie the buying vs. renting knot.

How long can you stay put in a spot?

Location! Location!! Location!!! Where you choose to live wields a huge influence . . . → Read More: 3 Straightforward Insights For the Rent vs. Buy Riddle

Are You Treating Debt Like an Emergency?

treating your debt like an emergency

Remember back in college? It was the first week of school, and you were amazed by your sudden independence. Just a few months ago you weren’t allowed to chew gum or loiter in the hallways for more than 2 minutes. But now, your professors weren’t even taking attendance in class!

So when you saw the credit card booth, it was hard to resist. Getting a credit card is another sign of being an adult. And you were desperate to prove how grown up you were. Besides, that towel with the school logo on it was a pretty great bonus. Who can resist a free gift?!

It probably took months or even years for you to realize the high price of that towel. Over time, you racked up so much debt that you can barely stand the thought of opening the bills when they come in. Better to not even know . . . → Read More: Are You Treating Debt Like an Emergency?

How to Get Rid of Debt WITHOUT Living in an RV

get rid of debt without living in an rv

The craze is spreading across America…people selling all their stuff, cramming into small RV’s, and then pretending that it’s the best thing ever…. Really?? I’m sorry, but I think I speak for 95% of the population when I say that I’d rather get rid of debt without living in an RV…

…and it’s entirely possible by the way.

It’s great and all that people across the globe have tackled their debt head on and are willing to drive around a camper to do it. But, RV life isn’t for everyone. So, I’m actually going to steer people away from it in this post.

If you hate traveling, have a family of 5+, or if the thought of camping makes you throw up in your mouth a little, then this write-up is for you.

How to Get Rid of Debt WITHOUT Living in an RV

Let me tell you flat out. . . . → Read More: How to Get Rid of Debt WITHOUT Living in an RV

Stop Paying Hefty Fees When You Invest Abroad

The global economy is in a constant state of flux. Every single day $5 trillion worth of foreign exchange is traded, which absolutely dwarfs the value of trading activity on global markets by a long shot.

Geopolitical uncertainty, economic upheaval, and the actions of currency speculators make it difficult to predict currency exchange rates with any degree of accuracy. Of course, this may not resonate with the average individual – but it certainly impacts each and every one of us.

Globalization ensures that forex rates matter. That’s why overseas investors are particularly sensitive about the state of the economy, how they transfer money, and where they invest it.

Case Study: The United Kingdom Post-Brexit

On June 23, 2016, Britons voted to break from the European Union. This historic referendum set into motion a series of events that would ultimately see the GBP degraded to a 31-year low . . . → Read More: Stop Paying Hefty Fees When You Invest Abroad

My May 2017 Blog Income Report

Another month is over, which means it’s time to report the monies!! How much did this site earn in the month of May??

Within the first few days of the month, I had some fantastic things happen:

My article, “How Much Should You Spend on That?” went viral on Facebook and earned me 5,000-6,000 views in just one day I interviewed with CNBC and they wrote a fantastic article about my debt payoff story, which immediately got picked up by Yahoo! Finance. This was a BIG DEAL.

With the huge pick-up in traffic, my earnings jumped a bit as well. As a whole, I was satisfied with my earnings from last month, but I would have liked to see more of it come from affiliate sales. I think they’re coming, but it just doesn’t happen every month apparently…

My May 2017 Blog Income Report

I never get tired of this . . . → Read More: My May 2017 Blog Income Report

Boom or Bust: Top Things Every U.S. Investor Should Understand About Shale Oil

It’s hard to argue with the observation that the shale oil industry has been a real game-changer in the energy markets. The wealth it has created along with thousands of new jobs makes for impressive reading, but is it a boom to bust scenario?

Here is a look at how the U.S shale oil boom has evolved and how it might affect your mindset and strategies as an energy investor.

Boom or Bust: What You Should Know About Shale Oil

Here’s a brief overview of the shale industry and its impact on the energy sector. Plus, a look at how to interpret what lies ahead for investors and what some of the key indicators for the state of the market are.

Blindsided by Shale

It would seem fair to say that only a handful of people can truly claim to have predicted the extent of the growth and impact that . . . → Read More: Boom or Bust: Top Things Every U.S. Investor Should Understand About Shale Oil