The Absolute Simplest Way to Become Wealthy

The Absolute Simplest Way to Become Wealthy

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Wanna be rich? Want to know the secret to accumulating great wealth? Then it’s time to stop reading about penny stocks, and it’s certainly time to stop watching Mad Money (spoiler alert, Jim Cramer doesn’t beat the market, which means you probably won’t either). Instead, let’s look at the absolute simplest way to become wealthy and learn how almost everyone can do it!

The Absolute Simplest Way to Become Wealthy

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You’re not going to win the lottery. You’re probably not getting a massive inheritance. And chances are, you’re not going to win that high-profile lawsuit either. Money normally doesn’t come in a windfall, and if it does, you’ll likely lose it all within 5 years anyway.

Your . . . → Read More: The Absolute Simplest Way to Become Wealthy

Flipping a Car One More Time…What Could Go Wrong?

flipping a car

“What did I just get myself into…?” I murmured to myself as I rumbled away in my newly purchased piece of crap 2001 Honda Civic…

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

We were saving up money to buy either a rental house or a flip house An opportunity came up sooner than expected on a flip house that would have left us a paper-thin emergency fund I thought, “Why not find a flip car to make a quick $1,000?”

….and that’s what led to this next car flip.

Flipping a Car One More Time: The 2001 Honda Civic

So here’s the idea with any car flip.

Buy a car for a ridiculously good deal (this is the most important part) Fix it up to look good enough for a quick sale (fix any mechanical repairs and clean both the inside and outside) Put on your sales hat and sell it . . . → Read More: Flipping a Car One More Time…What Could Go Wrong?

What Would You Do With an Extra $50?

surprise check

Have you ever had a check show up in the mail out of the blue? Maybe you’d forgotten about that class action lawsuit you were notified about months ago. (That’s happened to us at least twice this year.) Or you got a bonus or birthday money.

It’s not a huge amount, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. I mean, $50 is a significant sum of money.

But do you know what you’ll do with this surprise check?

Your response to small chunks of money says more than you’d think about the way you’re handling your personal finance. Get ready to use your imagination and learn which category you fall under.

This post is written by the fabulously talented, Jamie Jeffers.

What Would You Do With an Extra $50?

Ready? So you go to the mailbox and discover a check inside for $50. You weren’t expecting this check, so you . . . → Read More: What Would You Do With an Extra $50?

Meet the Real Joneses

Meet the Real Joneses

“Oh man, I wish I had a new BMW.”

“Whoa, what it must feel like to own a yacht like that. I’d be on top of the world!”

“That house…is simply….gorgeous. I hope I can buy a house like that someday.”

We catch ourselves wishing, hoping, wanting like this from time to time. Basically, we’re saying, “I wish that we were the Joneses. Life would be so much more fun and full of constant bliss… Those Joneses are always so happy!”

But you might want to be careful what you wish for…

Meet the Real Joneses

Brace yourself… but the real Joneses….are BROKE!

Sure, they’ve got all the nice stuff:

the cars, the boat, the massive house, the cottage up at the lake, and the 2.1 kids with perfect hair.

BUT…their life is a ticking timebomb! At any given moment, all their cards could come crashing down and they’ll lose . . . → Read More: Meet the Real Joneses

4 Risks Business Owners Often Forget

risks business owners often forget

Starting a business is a dream for many people. Stepping out on to your own can be an exciting journey for some people, but it comes with an enormous amount of risk. When you operate your own business, surprises come in all forms and sizes. Having a plan for these surprises can go a long way towards determining the ultimate success or failure of a business.

4 Risks Business Owners Often Forget

Here are four risks many small business owners make that can limit the success of their business.

1) Make sure to properly classify your business.

There is not a perfect way to determine how your business should be classified. Two businesses operating in the same industry might classify the business differently for a number of reasons.

Thinking about the impacts of your classification over the short and the long term of your business is essential to the success . . . → Read More: 4 Risks Business Owners Often Forget

Are Target Date Funds the Best Solution For Your Retirement Savings??

target date funds

Most of us want to navigate our way to a comfortable retirement, but it can be tricky finding the right road-map. Even when you’re effectively saving, what’s the best way to get from here to there? How can you make your money work as hard as possible to provide security (and fun!) when you stop working?

Investing in your company’s retirement plan is a great start. Once you sign up, though, you still have to pick the best investment for your money. That can be an overwhelming choice if you’re new to investing. Stocks vs bonds, large cap vs small cap, growth vs value funds…You have so many decisions to make.

The people who put together your investment choices know it can be overwhelming, and they’ve set up an easy option: the target-date fund. As long as you have a rough idea of when you want to retire, these funds . . . → Read More: Are Target Date Funds the Best Solution For Your Retirement Savings??

7 Ways to Pay Cash For Your Next Car

pay cash for your next car

Many Americans pay over $400 a month on car leases or loans and the numbers keep rising every single year. In a world where keeping up with the Joneses is normal, the average person may feel the need to get a car they can’t afford, just to impress those that shouldn’t matter.

7 Ways to Pay Cash For Your Next Car

Here’s the thing, car loans are expensive, and they can actually be avoided, even if you live on a lower income.

Here are my top tips to help you pay cash for your next car.

This post has been written by our staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

Drive Your Car Until You Can’t

If you have already have a car, you should drive it for as long as possible, especially if you aren’t spending a ton of money in repair costs (besides regular maintenance and items like a . . . → Read More: 7 Ways to Pay Cash For Your Next Car

Will You Be Rich? Take This Quiz And Find Out!!

Will you be rich

If you walked through a college campus and asked 1,000 people if they were going to be rich, about 999 of them would tell you, “Absolutely!” And in reality, maybe 50 will actually do what it takes to become a multi-millionaire.

I want you to be one of those 50.

Will You Be Rich? Take The Quiz to Find Out!

And in order to do that, you’ve got to understand if you’re truly on track or not when it comes to your future wealth. Be real with yourself – will you be rich when you get older? After taking this quiz, you’ll know.

If you score well, congrats. You’re going to be wealthier than 99% of your peers. Have fun with it, but also remember to share it with those that are less fortunate.

If you score poorly, don’t hang your head in shame. Use this moment to do more . . . → Read More: Will You Be Rich? Take This Quiz And Find Out!!

How I Made $1,040.15 With This Blog in July 2017

blog income report july 2017

Welcome to my July 2017 blog income report, where I share in exact detail how much I earned with this website and how I did it!

Some of you may be wondering, “Why in the heck would you share your income? Isn’t this personal? Doesn’t that feel weird?”

It’s true, we’re all taught to never talk about money and we’ve certainly been advised to never disclose our personal income! But, I’ve got thousands of reasons for doing it, and right now, you’re one of those reasons… I write these posts to help you, my readers!

Boost Your Income, Get Out of Debt, Become Wealthy

This post contains affiliate links.

My motto here at this site has always been, ‘Get out of debt, save money, and be rich.’ There are millions of people out there struggling with their finances right now. They’ve got debt and THEY WANT OUT. But they’re not . . . → Read More: How I Made $1,040.15 With This Blog in July 2017

Retire With $3 Million by Age 52??? ESI Money Did It.

Retire with $3 million

When someone does something absolutely extraordinary, I can’t help but stop and ask them, “How the heck did you do that??? (and where do I sign up?)” (Like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who earned nearly a million bucks just by blogging last year! Holy crepe suzette!!).

…And then enters ESI Money, a man that retired at the age of 52 with over $3 million…. Yeah…I’d like to talk to this guy too!

So naturally I asked if I could interview him, and again (to my surprise), he said “Absolutely!”. So here we go. Let’s figure out how to be multi-millionaires together.

Retire With $3 Million by Age 52 – ESI Money Did It

Enter ESI Money (he likes to keep his identity private with this chunk of change, and I don’t blame him!!) – he’s a normal looking guy with a wife and two kids starting college this fall. He went to . . . → Read More: Retire With $3 Million by Age 52??? ESI Money Did It.