Pay Off the Mortgage Fast (Like Us) With This Totally FREE Tool!!

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You’re out of consumer debt, you’ve got your emergency fund, you’re investing for your retirement, and now you’re finally ready to tackle the behemoth – the mother of all debts…the house! Congrats!! Just think about the future you’ll have here – use the tool below to pay off the mortgage fast, bump up your retirement savings yet again, and then still have so much extra money that you won’t even know what to do with it all!

These are good problems to have, so let’s get you there and pay off the mortgage fast!

How to Pay Off the Mortgage Fast (Like Us!)

We were completely out of debt, owned two rentals that we paid cash for, and our retirement funds were soaring…but somehow, we just weren’t content. Life wasn’t what we expected it to be.

Maybe it was the fact that our house was originally mine and my ex’s, Or that our kitchen window was only about 15 feet from our . . . → Read More: Pay Off the Mortgage Fast (Like Us) With This Totally FREE Tool!!

How to Start a Business Without a Loan

start a business without a loan

One thing that’s typically pretty hard to get around when starting a new business is applying for a loan. A business loan can really help get your business off the ground. If you’re already in debt with student loans or a mortgage, or have doubts about the state of your credit rating, it can be enough to discourage some people from even trying.

This can be terribly frustrating. For instance, when carrying around a perfectly viable idea but you realize the enterprise will likely never see the light of day due to no financing options. It would be ideal to get approval for a business loan when starting your business. But, what if you could launch a new business without a bank loan?

How To Start a Business Without a Loan

The most obvious way to avoid borrowing the funds you need from a bank is to dip into your own savings — should you have any, of course. This is something far from certain for many young people in this day and age.

There’s a chance your parents, friends, or other family members could help you with the money . . . → Read More: How to Start a Business Without a Loan

4 Investments You Can Make to Increase Your Life ROI

invest in your life

Ah, January. The start of a brand new year, and a fresh start. It’s the time of year when we start to seriously contemplate what goals we’d like to accomplish, and which projects are better left in the past. With this is mind, it seems like a relevant time to begin thinking beyond just the financial return on investment (ROI) and consider how we might start effectively begin investing in our own lives. ie. Invest in your life and increase your life ROI.

4 Ways to Invest in Your Life and Increase Your Life ROI

This post has been written by staff writer, Kerah Kemmerer.

Here are four solid areas to begin investing in your life where you will be able to enjoy the dividends for decades to come.

1. Focus on personal growth and development for physical, mental, and emotional health

While this may seem like an obvious place to start to invest in your life, we often lack the long-term vision to stick with some of our biggest dreams or challenging goals. When you decide to invest in your life, you decide to prioritize the short . . . → Read More: 4 Investments You Can Make to Increase Your Life ROI

Tips for Acquiring the Biggest Tax Refund

tips for acquiring the biggest tax refund

Tax time is creeping up on us once again and folks are thinking about their refunds. Similarly, you may feel that last year’s refund was too low or maybe that it was right on target. According to the IRS, about 75 percent of taxpayers received a tax refund close to $2,800 last tax season. If you’re hoping to maximize your refund this year and get the largest one possible, here are some tips for acquiring the biggest tax refund.

Tips for Acquiring the Biggest Tax Refund

Be sure to get your hands on the most money possible this tax season! Take these tips to heart and get all the dollars back that you can!

1) Check Your Filing Status

This is one of the biggest tips for acquiring the biggest tax refund. A smaller refund or finding out you owe money can seem like a huge surprise during tax season. It could be due to an incorrect filing status. If you’re single, filing “single zero” will ensure you receive the highest possible refund. If you’re married and file jointly (like 96% of married couples), you may receive a greater benefit . . . → Read More: Tips for Acquiring the Biggest Tax Refund

Could You Get Out of Debt This Year?? (w/ Free Debt Snowball Calculator)

could you get out of debt this year - raining money - debt snowball

“Hi Derek! I make $60,000 a year and have $25,000 in student loans. Do you think I could roll up my sleeves and get out of debt this year?”

I get this question a lot. People know they have a decent income, they know they have debt, but they just can’t figure out how long it’s going to take them to get rid of it all. So naturally….they do absolutely nothing…

Could You Get Out of Debt This Year?

This drives me absolutely nuts!! C-mon, people! You’ve got a debt hanging out there that’s HUGE and is costing you thousands of dollars a year! Stop ignoring it! That ostrich “head-in-the-sand” approach that you’ve grown fond of…it isn’t working! That lion can still see you and you WILL get eaten if you don’t start moving and figuring out this debt thing!

So what’s the answer? What’s going to spring you into action?

1) Know Where You Stand. Total Up Your Debt

Want to know if you can get out of debt this year? First, you’ve got to know where you stand. How much debt do you really have?

Stop reading for . . . → Read More: Could You Get Out of Debt This Year?? (w/ Free Debt Snowball Calculator)

20 Tips For Buying a Home in 2019

saving for a down payment on a house

You are about to embark on one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences that can ever come from spending money: buying a home. If you are buying a home in 2019, you should know that the entire process is not quick. However, when all is said and done, there are few things more exhilarating than buying a house. This guide will help equip you with what you need to buy a house this year.

20 Tips for Buying a Home in 2019

Many of us don’t buy houses every day…or even every year for that matter, so it’s obvious that we don’t know everything that there is to know about buying a home…which is why this list is so important.

Review it, take notes, and act on this list. It could very well be the difference between buying the house of your dreams and getting stuck renting a dump for the rest of your life.

1. Check Your Credit Score

You should know your credit score before applying for a loan on a new home. Why is your credit score important?

Because it’s not only the difference . . . → Read More: 20 Tips For Buying a Home in 2019

10 Reasons The Extended Warranty is for Suckers

best buy - extended warranty is for suckers

Ahhh the extended warranty…my old friend…and now, my arch enemy. It used to make total sense. I purchased a $900 TV…it might break, so I figured I’d better pay $150 to cover it so I’m not out the full $900 if it decides not to turn on one day. As it turns out, this extended warranty was (and still is) a joke. And, not once have I been glad that I purchased it! The extended warranty is for suckers, and I’ve got 10 solid reasons that back my story.

10 Reasons the Extended Warranty is for Suckers

“Wowwwwwwww,” expressed my 2.5 year old daughter when she walked into Best Buy for the first time in her life (what can I say, we don’t shop much!). Unfortunately, the entire experience wasn’t quite as dazzling as those first 5 seconds.

We went there for a TV that was on sale for just $99. We’re going to use it in our unfinished basement to play workout videos while we flail our arms and legs in an effort to burn calories and eventually become mistaken for young supermodels. It’s still a work in progress, . . . → Read More: 10 Reasons The Extended Warranty is for Suckers

11 Ways to Get Your Finances On Track After the Holidays

tips for acquiring the biggest tax refund

So the holidays are over and you take a peek into your bank account. And what is staring back at you…is a complete disaster. The holidays can take a serious toll on anyone and their finances. But it doesn’t have to continue to be that way! Here are 11 ways to get your finances on track after the holidays.

This post was written by our amazing staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

1) Stop Feeling Guilty

So first, before we even delve into the tangible steps you can take to get your finances on track after the holidays, you have to stop feeling guilty.

We all know that Christmas comes around the same time each year. We all know the New Year is filled with new beginnings. You know that you can’t take back all of the gifts, serve cheaper food, or tell your family no for this year. This year has passed. So dust yourself off, stop harboring over the fact that you overspent, and vow to do better this upcoming year.

2) Set New Financial Goals

Now that you have time to think clearly and make better financial decisions, set some new goals.

Do you want to . . . → Read More: 11 Ways to Get Your Finances On Track After the Holidays

73% of Americans Die With Debt – How NOT to Be One of Them

die with debt no thanks

Can you believe that 73% of Americans die with debt? And it’s not just a $200 credit card balance either. On average, Americans pass away with $62,000 worth of debt. That’s just insanity!

My advice? Learn the debt traps and avoid them, then build wealth and never look back. You won’t ever regret it and you know what? Neither will your kids!

Die With Debt? No Thanks. It’s Time to Understand the Debt Trap

Of the 73% of Americans that die with debt…

68% had credit card balances,37% still had a mortgage,25% had car loans,12% had personal loans, and6% had student loans

Sheesh. That’s a wide range of debt!

Some may have only had one category of debt above, but there were others that may have had every form. On average, a sizable amount of people had credit card debt, mortgage debt, and car debt!

Why is this? How do people fall prey to so many different forms of debt?

1) We Have a Credit Card That’s “Only For Emergencies”

“I’ll get a credit card…just in case something pops up that I can’t afford. It’ll be good to . . . → Read More: 73% of Americans Die With Debt – How NOT to Be One of Them

Over Half of My Readers Are Considered Wealthy – Are You One of Them?

how to know if you're considered wealthy

Just over one year ago, I polled my reader base and asked them one question, “If you lost your main source of income tomorrow, how long could you survive without touching your retirement accounts?” Over 1,000 people responded, and guess what? Based on the response, 55% are considered wealthy!

The question I have for you is, “Are you one of them?”

Over Half of My Readers Are Considered Wealthy – Are You One of Them?

You might be thinking, “How is it possible for someone to survive without an income and without dipping into their retirement funds?”

I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you’re asking yourself this question, then I can already tell you that you’re not one of the 55% that are considered wealthy.

But you know what? That’s okay! The important part is that you’re reading this post and learning what it might take to get there. And quite honestly, that’s about 80% of the battle… admitting that you don’t know everything, understanding that your methods aren’t working, and being willing to try something new…something that might actually make you wealthy.

The Magic Question and . . . → Read More: Over Half of My Readers Are Considered Wealthy – Are You One of Them?