Dear Wife, I’m Dead – Here’s What You Need to Do

what happens if you die

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Have you ever thought about how well your family would operate without you? I mean, what happens if you die? Sure, they’d be sad and they’d probably be unable to physically move for a few days. After all, death is one of the most tragic occurrences in all of life…but, I’m not talking about emotions here. I’m basically just talking about money (surprise surprise, I know ;)).


The car next to you just abruptly switched lanes and creamed you in the driver side front quarter-panel. You careem across two lanes and an SUV plows into your back-end. The next impact is the guard-rail…and that’s that last thing you remember.

You’re dead.

It could happen to anyone! At any given moment, death . . . → Read More: Dear Wife, I’m Dead – Here’s What You Need to Do

5 Ways to Save on Medical Expenses

Save on medical expenses

Whose health is at risk? The answer is: everyone’s…at all times. You never know when an unexpected medical expense may pop up and surprise you. Therefore, especially in today’s high-cost healthcare environment, you have to be ready to save ahead of time and learn to save on medical expenses.

And you might think that saving on medical expenses is too lofty a goal – but it’s not always as hard to achieve as you think. Understand how the system works and how to take smart steps at the right time, and almost anyone can save substantially.

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5 Ways to Save on Medical Expenses

Here are five ways you can take action to bring down your medical expenses:

1. Choose Your Insurance Carefully

There are many online tools to help you find the most affordable and most appropriate insurer . . . → Read More: 5 Ways to Save on Medical Expenses

The Top 3 Bitcoin Alternatives

Top Bitcoin Alternatives

Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. Launched in 2009, it burst into the mainstream last year, starting at under $1,000 and hitting a peak value of $20,000 before heading back down. This decentralized currency is the leading ‘altcoin’ in terms of total market capitalization. But, one must understand that there are many other leading Bitcoin alternatives that should be considered.

Top 3 Bitcoin Alternatives

Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency, giving it huge liquidity, as well as worldwide acceptance. However, it isn’t the only digital currency that in-the-know traders are looking at. The following 3 Bitcoin alternatives are also worth considering.

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#1 Ethereum

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is currently the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It has pushed blockchain technology one step further with the implementation of smart contracts. These contracts can be added to the blockchain . . . → Read More: The Top 3 Bitcoin Alternatives

12 Frugal Winter Activities To Do Before It’s Over

frugal winter activities

Even though Christmas has passed, that doesn’t mean winter is done just yet. While the cold is still here, these are 12 frugal winter activities to do before winter is over!

12 Frugal Winter Activities To Do Before It’s Over

This post was written by our staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

#1. Bake

Who doesn’t like fresh baked goods in the winter? This is a fan favorite for frugal winter activities, and you can bake just about anything you want. Cookies, cakes, even brownies. You can serve your newly baked goods with a glass of warm (or ice cold) milk and enjoy them next to the fire!

#2. Visit The Library

Your local library may have quite a few frugal winter activities that you can do with your family! From mom and me classes to winter arts and crafts, you are bound to find something that you and your family . . . → Read More: 12 Frugal Winter Activities To Do Before It’s Over

Why Are We So Afraid of Money?

afraid of money

The internet is full of taboos. It is our place of recluse where we can be our true selves by reading and discussing all the things we wish we could in our real lives. Safe behind a colorful avatar, we feel comfortable to discuss our love for My Little Pony.

All of us do it, but the funny thing is you’re probably not even aware you are doing it at this very moment.

In fact, you are actually participating in the single largest taboo our society has……


This post has been written by guest writer, Brandon Carey of

Why Are We So Afraid of Money?

Money is the thing that we all crave, but no one is comfortable discussing it openly and honestly. Imagine you meet someone tomorrow and during your awkward handshake they look you in the eye and say “How much money do you make?”

What . . . → Read More: Why Are We So Afraid of Money?

Can Your Mutual Funds Beat the Stock Market?

mutual funds beat the stock market

Mutual Funds absolutely soared last year. I mean c’mon, take a look at the growth on these funds:

Fidelity Select Technology Portfolio, +49.86% Putnam Global Technology Fund, +47.04% VanEck Emerging Market Fund Class Y, +50.32%

Isn’t that just insane??!!

The overall S&P 500 (an index of the top 500 companies in America) had a record year too, but it “only” increased by 20%.

So the analysis is simple, right? “Can your mutual funds beat the stock market?” Well of course! There are three mutual funds listed above that killed the S&P! Buuuuut, not so fast. Just because these 3 mutual funds beat the market doesn’t mean that you can pick which ones will be winners before the year begins. No one has a crystal ball – not even the professionals can accurately predict which mutual funds will beat the market year in and year out.

So is it even possible? . . . → Read More: Can Your Mutual Funds Beat the Stock Market?

Top 4 Things to Look For in a Quality Used Car Dealership

sell your car yourself

It happens to everyone. After years of faithful driving, your 1989 Toyota Corolla with over 350,000 miles has finally decided that it´s time to be laid to rest. The problem is that you haven’t bought a car in over a decade and don’t have the savings for the brand new rides at new car dealership. It’s time to consider a new used car…

Top 4 Things to Look For in a Quality Used Car Dealership

If you have ever been in this situation, the thought of heading to a used car dealership can be slightly terrifying for many people. While most used car salesmen are reputable and trustworthy, there are certainly a number of salesmen who are more than willing to hide a junker behind a fresh coat of paint…and totally disregard the fact that their decisions might leave you stranded on the road in the near-future.

To help you . . . → Read More: Top 4 Things to Look For in a Quality Used Car Dealership

How to Make the Most of Your Minutes This Year

make the most of your minutes this year

Have you ever raced to empty your dishwasher before your mug of coffee finished warming up in the microwave? Or organized your cleaning supplies while you waited the last minute for the washing machine to kick off?

Then you already know that things can be accomplished in small chunks of time.

Today, I don’t want to convince you to anxiously spend every moment of your time working, organizing, and planning. But I do want to show you the good that can happen if you promise to make the most of your minutes and dedicate them toward your biggest goals

How to Make The Most of Your Minutes This Year

This is a post from our staff writer, Jamie Jeffers.

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

Some of us know our biggest life goal, and we could sing it from the rooftops.

Others are afraid of the enormity of that dream. . . . → Read More: How to Make the Most of Your Minutes This Year

5 Ways to Quickly Save Money Today

quickly save money today

When we get told that there are quick ways to save money, we automatically start to think about get rich quick schemes that never work. But the truth is that there are ways that you can save money right now, and it would be enough money to really help on those monthly bills.

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5 Ways to Quickly Save Money Today

These suggestions are not meant to help you save small chunks of money every once in a while. These are ideas to save real money all year long.

1) Refinance Your Auto Loan

Your car is in great shape, but making those payments every month can be difficult. Instead of suffering with high payments, you could get an auto loan refinance and cut those payments down. With a refinance, you would take your remaining balance and put it back . . . → Read More: 5 Ways to Quickly Save Money Today

Kid’s College or Retirement? What Should You Be Saving For??

college or retirement

College is expensive, and retirement seems so far away for many people. So for many families, guess what they do? Do they save for their children’s college of retirement? Often times…they choose to save for college. But is that the wisest choice? Should you save for college or retirement?

The Kid’s College or Retirement? What Should You Save For?

This post has been written by our talented staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

First things first, when trying to decide on if you should save for college or retirement, you need to have the answer to two specific questions.

Do you have an age in mind for when you want to retire? Do you plan on paying for your child’s entire college education?

When deciding on whether you will pay for college or retirement, your lifestyle is going to be the main factor. Everyone’s life choices are different, so deciding up . . . → Read More: Kid’s College or Retirement? What Should You Be Saving For??