Bad Credit – 5 UK Cards That You May Be Eligible For


More people in the UK are suffering from bad credit than you might think. Regardless of this decade’s economic downturn, which has left many formerly financially responsible and comfortable individuals struggling to make ends meet, it’s actually incredibly easy to slip into a bad credit rating without realising.

With so many services, from department stores to energy services and supermarkets, not to mention banks, offering too-good-to-be-true credit over the last two decades, managing what you owe and what you’ve paid can be difficult. While a bad credit rating can be crippling when it comes to everything from taking out a mortgage to buying broadband internet, there are services available to help you manage your money and help you out of the bad credit whole. These credit cards are aimed precisely at people like you, and could be the answer to your financial prayers.

Vanquis Bank Aquis Visa

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