Never Pay Retail Price; Find a Bargain

We have all walked into a retail store and saw that one item that we absolutely HAD TO HAVE! For me, this is most likely a big screen TV, or that PS3 that I’ve always wanted. For my wife it’s probably a Coach purse, or more recently, a puppy! Haha! Well, we still have some debt to pay off before we get that puppy, or anything else that I just mentioned for that matter.

If you are in a currently looking to make a purchase (any purchase really, not just big ticket items), don’t forget to scour the internet for coupon codes and discounts. Sure, something might be on sale, but there might also be a coupon code that’s posted on a third party website. This way, you can still purchase your brand new item, but at a wholesale price.

I recently stumbled upon a great website that has coupon . . . → Read More: Never Pay Retail Price; Find a Bargain