How to Bootstrap Your Business Without Going Broke

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Since we’re in the process of finishing off the first quarter of 2016, many businesses are currently looking over financials.

My team and I are also in this process and I can’t help but get a bit nostalgic. I started with absolutely no money and found a way to use my business’ own revenue to reinvest and grow it into what is today. I’ve also managed to do this without getting myself into debt. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve definitely made mistakes, but it’s all been worth it.

Bootstrap Your Business Without Going Broke

I’m not the only one who has taken the bootstrapping route. Many small business owners – particularly if they are running online businesses with low overhead – are also taking this route. Since it’s not easy (or even sometimes necessary) to acquire investors and debt is a four letter word, bootstrapping is the way to go for many people.

While it takes a bit longer and there’s definitely risk involved, you can bootstrap your business without going broke.

Get strategic about where you invest money.

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