Coupon Clipping Saves on the Food Budget

My wife and I began budgeting in January. We’ve struggled to stay within the budget for a few categories, but there is one where we stay within the budget every time, and that’s the food budget. We allow ourselves $400 a month for food and toiletries, which normally allows us to go out to eat about two times a month. We think our food budget is a good one, but we’d like to go out to eat and enjoy ourselves more often. The solution: (no, it’s not increasing the budget) coupon clipping!

Susan Samtur, a woman who is famous for mastering the art of coupon clipping, was on the news a few months ago, showcasing her skills in the aisles her local supermarket. With a cart full of groceries, and a bill of only $9.00, I was immediately intrigued and vowed that I would learn this money saving art.

I woke up this morning, eager to get the Sunday paper and try my hand at coupon clipping. There were quite a few coupons, and most of them were on items that we were looking to buy today. My excitement level . . . → Read More: Coupon Clipping Saves on the Food Budget

Save Big On Groceries

About 2 months ago, I saw a news story about a woman (it turned out to be Susan Samtur) that was showing a reporter how she saved money on her groceries ever week. The short clip zoomed in on her handful of coupons, and for some reason I was immediately intrigued. Actually, I know why I was intrigued. The story was going to show me how to save money! That’s always a topic of interest! Anyway, even though this was a news story, I didn’t expect much from it. I figured she was going to save 30% or something. But, as my wife would often tell you, I was wrong again. There she was, looking at her receipt as her cart was overflowing with bags of groceries. The total? $0.89. I think my eyes were popping out of their sockets.

As you are all probably well aware, my wife and I are buckling down on our personal finances and focusing on getting out of debt. It’s a common goal of ours. What better way to reach this goal than to cut down on grocery expenses? After all, it is the . . . → Read More: Save Big On Groceries