How I’ve Earned Over $75,000 With a Blog

earn money with a blog

I had no writing experience, no marketing experience, and I had absolutely no idea how to build a webpage… BUT, at that point in time I WAS successfully digging my way out of debt and I wanted to teach everyone that they could kick their debt to the curb as well. I never dreamed that this little side venture would be profitable. After all, blogging is just what people did when they’re bored and had no life, RIGHT? Well, $75,000 later, I can attest that it certainly is NOT just a little side hobby. Blogging can provide an income for stay-at-home moms, dads, and can even earn enough to support both!

In this post, I want to teach you that blogging is not only a means for an income, but with the proper discipline, it can also make you extremely wealthy.

How to Start a Blog

So how did I go from being absolutely clueless about webpages and blogs to building this beautiful site with headers, sidebars, and fabulously formatted content? No, I didn’t take a class, and I definitely didn’t pay anyone to do it for me (at that . . . → Read More: How I’ve Earned Over $75,000 With a Blog