14 Steps to Get a Serious Head Start in Life

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Only 59% of college students actually finish their degree. Of all college students, the average debt load when they finish (or quit) is over $30,000 and their unemployment rate is 8.5%, far greater than the 5.5% average unemployment rate of the entire nation. More so now than ever, college attendees are actually finding themselves left behind economically, rather than getting ahead like the past generations. They have seemingly done everything right, but many are jobless or underemployed, and sinking under a mountain of debt.

Source: Institute of Education Sciences

I thought going to college was supposed to lead to a head start in life! Apparently it’s just a way to get behind? What is the correct path for getting ahead these days?

14 Steps to Get a Head Start in Life

With tuition rates on the rise and an ever-increasingly saturated marketplace, what can students do today . . . → Read More: 14 Steps to Get a Serious Head Start in Life