5 Things I Did to Ditch $21,000 in Just 6 Months

get out of debt in just 6 months

Getting into debt – that’s easy. Getting out of debt…now that’s another story!

But that doesn’t mean that getting out of debt has to be arduous or incredibly slow. If you set your mind to it, and if you gather all the right information, you could get out of debt pretty fast! Heck, I was able to ditch $21,000 in just 6 months earning a $57,000 yearly gross salary. Even if you’re not a math whiz, you know that those numbers just don’t add up. How in the heck could I pay off $21k in such a short amount of time?

Like I said before, I:

had my mind dead-set on getting out of debt, and I had all the information I needed to do it.

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5 Things I Did to Get Out of Debt in Just 6 Months

“I….want a divorce.”

Those were the four words I thought I’d never hear, and they left me slinking down along the wall to my knees. My wife of just 3 years decided she wanted out, and there . . . → Read More: 5 Things I Did to Ditch $21,000 in Just 6 Months