How to Give a Million Dollars (Not Save…Give)

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There are literally thousands of articles out there titled, “How to Save a Million Dollars For Retirement”, and that’s great – we should all be millionaires in our retirement if we want to live well in our golden years. In this article though, I’m going to challenge you to think even bigger. What if, instead of just saving a million dollars in your nest egg, you could give a million dollars?

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How to Give a Million Dollars (Not Save…Give)

Think of all the good you that can be done when you give a million dollars away!

Through Samaritan’s Purse alone, you could: provide a month’s supply of lentils and sorghum to 28,571 starving African families, provide warm clothes and shoes to 40,000 refugees and disaster survivors, give the gift of water by funding the dig of 80 fresh water wells . . . → Read More: How to Give a Million Dollars (Not Save…Give)