Healthy Foods for a Tight Budget

healthy foods

“But buying healthy foods is expensive!” – I hear people say that nearly every day. But it’s not true.

I understand where the notion originates. It is cheaper to buy Ramen Noodles than Quinoa ravioli. Thus, without putting in much effort, buying healthy is definitely more expensive than buying nasty processed food. But with a little planning, eating healthy foods can be cheap. What I’ll share in this post is how to eat healthy while staying on a budget. The fact is, I eat healthy on $75/month. It can be done.

Healthy Foods on a Tight Budget

What you want to do is aim to buy foods that are naturally cheap. This way, you don’t have to rely on coupons or sales. Here are healthy foods that are cheap to grow, therefore cheap to buy:

Carrots Red delicious apples Bananas Pumpkin Strawberries Oranges Grapes Peanuts/peanut butter Cottage cheese Canned vegetables . . . → Read More: Healthy Foods for a Tight Budget