Our House Search: Soon Over?


Many of you have been asking about our house search lately. You’re wondering if we found anything we like and if we’re moving into a place soon. I had no idea this house search would spark such an interest! For those of you who are curious, here are the details of our house search thus far.

The Initial House Search

Early on, we weren’t sure which type of property we were even looking for. In fact, I wrote a post titled, “Condo or House? A Question for the Readers.”

The condo would allow us to work less (yard work and such) and it would offer quite a few amenities, but of course, this came at a monthly price. A house, on the other hand, would allow more freedom, and more privacy, but it would require more work.

After searching through a few houses and comparing them to the condo, . . . → Read More: Our House Search: Soon Over?