How Low Can You Go?

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In the heat of this summer, you may expect to hear “How low can you go?” during a heated (yet friendly) cookout limbo game. While that sounds like fun, we’re here to talk about a slightly more serious matter: budgeting.

How Low Can You Go?

True, budgeting is not nearly as fun as a neighborhood cookout or a limbo competition against the guy who always tries to one-up you with outdoor holiday decorations…but I digress. Budgeting is the cornerstone of getting your finances into tip-top shape; without one, it is easy to fail at making your finances work for you (which causes you to incur debt). And even the cavemen knew they had to settle up on their debts in order to survive.

Budgeting truly is a game of, “How low can you go?” While hoping to include categories in your budget that account for everything you’ll need to spend money on for the month (and therefore not have any surprises appear), you need to be realistic about the amounts that you budget for each category.

Step 1: Create a Balanced Budget

First thing is first, you need to make . . . → Read More: How Low Can You Go?