Which Income Class Are You In? How Do You Rank?

Income Class

“The other people that live on this lake aren’t uber-wealthy are they? No, they’re middle-class, right?….Like us!” …said one of our friends that earns over $200,000 a year….

I literally had to bite my lip to keep from entering the conversation.

Middle-class like you? You really think you’re middle class? In what fairy-tale world do you live where $200,000 a year is considered middle-class?

Instead of blurting out my brash comments, I decided to suppress them, do some research, and then plaster my findings passively all over this website! Lol.

Which Income Class Are You In?

While I was delving into the details of the income classes, I naturally grew curious around where Liz and I landed on the income spectrum, and then where we might land in the future with our growing rental empire (which at this moment is an “empire” of one… ;)). So of course if I’m . . . → Read More: Which Income Class Are You In? How Do You Rank?