How to Land Your Dream Job

This is another great post from my wife, Mrs. LAMF. If you’ve been following our story, you know that she was laid off from her previous job and decided to pursue her passion in photography. But, then her dream job came along and she decided to go for it! Enjoy the read.


For the last two-ish months, many of you know that I have been growing my photography business in lieu of my full-time employment. Since Derek and I had a cushioned emergency fund (and a profitable blog) I was fortunate not to be forced to find a job. I took my proclaimed sabbatical to do lots of projects on the house (our master bath update is ready for a reveal!) and also align and evaluate my goals for the future.

As Mr. LAMF says, always account for the unexpected, good or bad. Three weeks after being unemployed, I . . . → Read More: How to Land Your Dream Job