The Economy Was Up But I Lost Thousands…and So Did You…

losing to depreciation

This last year, you earned $60,000 at your job, made $5,000 in the stock market, but……you lost $8,000 and you didn’t even know it! Kind of hard to believe, right? That you lost $8,000 and you didn’t even realize it? Believe it or not, it happens to almost all of us. Heck, I’m super frugal and I lost $2,000! “How?” you might ask. Depreciation. How much do you think you’re losing to depreciation?

By the end of this article (and after inputting your info into my new tool), you’ll know exactly how much you’re losing to depreciation!!

How Much Are You Losing to Depreciation?

So first things first…what really is depreciation?

According to The Street…

“When something depreciates, it reduces in value.”

It really is as simple as that. You buy something, you have it for a while, and you’re forced to sell it for less than you paid for it because it has depreciated in value.

So what are some of the top things that you buy that depreciate in value? And, how much is this impacting your overall net worth? Continue reading below and be sure . . . → Read More: The Economy Was Up But I Lost Thousands…and So Did You…