How to Always Find Ways to Make More Money

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This post has been written by Amanda Abella – a fabulous writer, speaker, and financial coach!

I was recently out with friends and I mentioned how I spent my holiday weekend messing around with Pinterest in an effort to get more traffic to my blog and therefore increase my chances of making affiliate sales.

“Don’t you ever take a break?” one of them asked. The answer is that I do take breaks. Lots of them, actually. However, I’ve made it a habit to always be on the lookout for ways to make more money.

How to Always Find Ways to Make More Money

It’s not necessarily because I want to amass millions (though that would be cool), but because I actually enjoy learning about and implementing different ways to make more money. Additionally, entrepreneurship has taught me that you can always make more money if you’re up for it.

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5 Radical Ways to Get Out of Debt Faster

how to get out of debt faster

You have more power than you realize when it comes to paying off debt. Much of the time it is the “wants” we don’t like giving up in order to get out of debt faster (not always, but in my experience, more often than I’d admit). Creature comforts like cool air conditioning all summer long are much harder to give up than buying a generic brand of cereal versus something name brand.

But it’s time to get radical. Think about this question: What’s in it for me? The faster you pay off your debt, the less money you’ll pay in interest this year, the sooner you’ll free up the money going toward monthly payments, and the more disciplined and less stressed you’ll be with your wealth in the years to come.

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How I Earned $45,000 More This Year

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I was 25 years old and had been out of college for three years, but I was still earning a meager wage compared to the typical college grad that was earning more than $50k per year. I felt as though I were being left in the dust. Instead of wallowing in self-pity (because of a bad economy or a poor degree choice), I decided to do everything possible to increase my income. Now it’s three years later and I’m earning $45,000 more per year! So what’s my secret? Well, there’s not just one thing. It’s many little things. Let’s dive in.

(By the way, while this is a story of how I earned more money, I don’t mean to be flashy about what I have done. Rather, I want this to inspire you for what YOU can do!)

Take Note of Your Current Situation

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Make More Money with a Rental Property

advantages of renting


Have you ever wondered how you can make more money than you do right now? Some of you want to make quick money because of a recent emergency. If that’s the case, I would recommend reading my book, “101 Ways to Make More Money“. If, however, you are looking to increase your income and cash flow for the long term, then perhaps real estate investing is for you. Once you learn the basics, you can certainly make more money with a rental property.

Think Like a Renter

If you weren’t in a position to buy a house and had to rent, what would you be looking for? You most likely wouldn’t be looking to stay in a rental for decades to come, but you still want to live in a safe area for a reasonable price. In order to purchase a property that will be in demand . . . → Read More: Make More Money with a Rental Property

Earn More Money Without a Blog


Have you ever stopped to think about how you could make more money? If you know me at all, you would know that my initial response is normally, “Why don’t you start a blog?” I felt like it was so simple for me to start my website and earn an income, but I did have a few things going for me: (1) I enjoy writing and communicating with people, and (2) I have a strong passion when it comes to personal finance! Starting a personal finance blog was like putting on a pair of sweatpants. It just felt right. 😉

“I don’t think I could do that every day”

As I continue learning about the blogging world and the potential for income, I naturally start talking about it in my every day conversation. When my friends and family hear that I’m actually earning money doing it, their ears start . . . → Read More: Earn More Money Without a Blog

Make More Money: Start Your Own Blog

extra grand a month blogging


I think my family initially thought I was nuts when I first started my blog as a means of an additional income. I mean, how much could a website make without selling a product? Well, after a year of blogging, my income has grown from $5 a month to well over $1,000 each month (with spikes of $2,500+)! My blogging income has become everything that I hoped it would be and more. That’s why I’m encouraging you to start your own blog as a way to make more money!

What Are You Passionate About?

Luckily, I chose to write about a topic that I love: Finances! I have always been fascinated by this topic and find myself wanting to learn more about it each and every day! After blogging for a year, is still a pleasure to run.

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Budget is a 4 Letter Word


The following is a guest post from LaTisha at Financial Success for Young Adults, where she writes about investing, trading and money management.

What Comes to Mind When I Say Budget?

Most people hear the word budget and cringe. I know because I used to do the same. The word budget is associated with tight pockets, home-made dinners, and do it yourself everything. What do you hear when you think of budget? “^%4&! I overspent again!” Seems to be a popular phrase, as well as, “Why can’t I balance this piece of $#!+ budget?”

Did you know that budget is actually a four letter word, and it doesn’t have to be censored?


That’s the four letter word that I associate budget with. After reading The Millionaire Next Door, I realized that many millionaires made their way one dollar at a time. Obviously they were assisted by smart . . . → Read More: Budget is a 4 Letter Word

Money Problems: How to Solve Them

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On Wednesday, I posted the 2 main issues when it comes to money problems: overspending and under-earning. Hopefully, these answers seemed obvious to you, but the unclear area of money problems is the solution. If you are overspending, how do you identify the area that you can cut back on? If you aren’t earning enough, how do you make more money without losing sleep?

What Are Your Goals For The Future?

Unless there is a major catastrophe that is contributing to your money problems, I would say that nearly 100% of the cases are due to lack of vision and goals. Yes, you’ve heard it again and again… “You need to have a goal! Write it down and look at it every day.” These ideas have nearly lost all meaning because of the constant repetition, but let’s dig into it for a moment.

Do you remember when you were . . . → Read More: Money Problems: How to Solve Them

Money Problems: Why Do You Have Them?

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Do you feel like there’s never enough money at the end of the month? Do you put on a smile even though your stomach is in knots? Why is it that everyone else seems to be financially stable and you’re struggling to pay the bills? Let’s explore the common money problems and learn why you’re plagued with them.

Single or Married?

Before we dig deeply into the issues of money problems, it’s important for me to note that there is a huge difference between being single and married in the world of personal finance.

If you are single, you control 100% of your financial decisions! If you want to stop living from paycheck to paycheck and get out of debt, you (and only you) have to make that choice. From there, it’s merely a game of mental strength and discipline. It can be difficult, but in all honesty, you’ve . . . → Read More: Money Problems: Why Do You Have Them?

Start a Business For Passive Income

When most people hear the words, “start your own business”, they start to think about how expensive it would be to purchase the building, stock the shelves, and pay the employees. This is how businesses used to run 30 years ago, but today, there is a much cheaper route.

Some individuals have decided to buy garage sale items and resell them on eBay for a substantial profit. If they post and sell 1,000 items in a year and make a profit of $10 on each item, they’ve just made themselves $10,000 in that year. This type of business does not need a building or office; it can be run by any one person that owns a computer and has an internet connection. Plus, the start-up cost is practically zero dollars. This is excellent, but I think that we can do even better.

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