How to Get Motivated to Dig Out of Debt

Motivated to Dig Out of Debt

“Well, that’s a relief,” I told my husband. “With that kind of raise, we should be totally fine!”

Looking back on that conversation is kind of like watching a horror movie. You’re looking on yelling, “No! Don’t open that door!” Meanwhile the oblivious buffoon on the screen flings the door open to their inevitable demise.

Yeah, I would say I was a bit of an oblivious buffoon at the time. What I should have realized is that we had been given an opportunity to knock out our debt. In reality, I didn’t even know for sure how much we owed the credit card companies, because I was afraid of what the calculator would tell me.

So I happily ignored the cards, assuming that paying what I could here and there would make them disappear eventually. After all, we’d struggled to make ends meet for a long time. We deserved . . . → Read More: How to Get Motivated to Dig Out of Debt