8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

save money on fall fun

When the first leaf of the season drops to the ground, some people declare it “Pumpkin Everything Season!!”  If it’s not you, I bet someone you know fits that description to a T.

You don’t have to be a pumpkin lover to want to make the most of the fall season.  Like most things in life, you can choose to splurge or save on this season.  But I’m here to argue that you can pack a ton of fun into your autumn without spending a fortune.

This post has been written by our fabulous staff writer, Jamie Jeffers.

8 Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

In fact, here are 8 crazy simple ways to invest yourself in the season without emptying your wallet.

Host a Bonfire

Fire?  Food on a stick?  Cozy flannels and warm drinks?  What’s not to love!

Assuming you don’t need a pricey burn permit for a small recreational fire in your area, you can host a fun party without a lot of cost.  If you don’t have sticks on your property to burn a fire, you can usually grab a pack of firewood at your . . . → Read More: 8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun