9 Tips to Help You Save on Homeowners Insurance

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One of the best ways to save money is by trimming an ongoing, monthly expense. After all, even chopping $5 from a recurring monthly bill will result in saving $60 over the span of a year. Recurring savings really add up.

Homeowner’s insurance is pricey, and you can save hundreds each year if you shop around, compare prices, and aggressively pursue the best quote (while not compromising coverage or value). Here are nine tips to help you save on the cost of homeowners insurance.

1. Do Some Research. Research as many insurers as possible. Check their prices and service reviews. Once you have a few choices then it’s time to get price quotes to see who can save you the most. Don’t forget that some insurers charge different rates, depending on whether you pay monthly or yearly (in one giant lump-sum). If you can prepay your insurance upfront, you might . . . → Read More: 9 Tips to Help You Save on Homeowners Insurance

How to Save Over $100 on Gas Every Month

I’m sure you have seen the infomercials about the additive you can put into your gas tank: “Not only will your car run smoother and faster, but you will save hundreds of dollars in gas throughout the year!”…..

Yeah. Right.

While some of those additives can be good for your car, most of them are a rip-off. Follow the methods below and you will save money on gas every month – guaranteed.


10 Ways to Save Money on Gas

1) Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Every 3,000-5,000 miles, you should bring your car into your service station to get it checked out. A quick oil change along with an 18-point inspection will have your car running properly and will make you aware of anything that is harming your vehicle. Avoid the quick-lube places as often as you can. The oil is cheap and they check nothing. Remember that preventative . . . → Read More: How to Save Over $100 on Gas Every Month

How to Save Money in a Big City


Living in a major city comes with its own set of money-saving challenges. You may need to spend more on transportation, either because you’re stuck in traffic (consuming gas) or because you need to take lots of subway rides. You might pay higher prices for babysitters, groceries, clothes and toiletries. And your rent or mortgage might be a lot higher.

How can you save money when you live in a large city? Here are a few tips.

#1: Plan Ahead

It’s easy to jump into a taxicab when you’re running late and you’re not entirely sure abut the directions. But a little planning can help you save a lot of money.

Give yourself plenty of time to get from one destination to the next. Study where you’re heading on a map, or use a route-planning app. The less rushed you are, the higher the chance that you’ll opt for . . . → Read More: How to Save Money in a Big City

Good Deals Come To Those Who Wait


Despite the fact that we’re supposed to get one more snow shower in Michigan, spring is officially here! As the weather warms up don’t let your hard earned money disappear with the snow. I’ll share an easy spring tip that’s helped me save money and not overspend.

Make a list

I’ve mentioned before that I love making lists. They help me to be more productive and stick to my priorities. I keep a list of items we don’t need NOW but will need sometime down the road. For example, we wanted to get an area rug for the nursery. We have linoleum floors in our condo which means I end up wearing multiple layers of socks in the winter. A rug would also help cut down on the echoing. The rug wasn’t an urgent need so I added it to my list so it would help me remember . . . → Read More: Good Deals Come To Those Who Wait

How to Save $1,800 a Year on Your Cell Phone Bill

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Remember when I thought I was big stuff because I saved $200 a year on my cell phone bill? Well, I recently found out that my friend Chris just put me to shame. He made a move that saves him $1,800 a year on his cell phone expenses. It’s pretty safe to say that I would have never thought of this, because it is pure genius!

So how in the heck could he possibly save $1,800 on cell phone service?! Well, between he and his wife, they were spending $150 a month on talk, text, and data (which is actually fairly cheap – I have heard of others spending over $200 for the same service), which equates to $1,800 a year.

At this point you are probably thinking that they saved all their money by just cancelling their cell phone service and going back to the old land-line phone. . . . → Read More: How to Save $1,800 a Year on Your Cell Phone Bill

9 Reasons Why I Think Avoiding TV Can Help You Save Money


I know — that headline seems strange. What do “avoiding TV” and “saving money” have in common? You’re probably thinking: “I suppose you might save money by cutting your cable bill. And maybe you’ll save the tiniest modicum of electricity. But after that? How else can cutting TV help you save money?” Here are 9 other ways that I think that reducing television exposure can trigger good savings habits.

#1: Less exposure to advertising. Television programs are supported by commercials and advertising. Out of every 30-minute stretch of programming, 22 minutes are the show itself, and 8 minutes are commercials. That means you’re constantly exposed to commercials. I find when I watch less television I end up spending less money on things that I do not need. In the long run, this saves me money.

#2: I eat less. For some reason, I can’t help but snack while watching television. This leads . . . → Read More: 9 Reasons Why I Think Avoiding TV Can Help You Save Money

Learn a New Skill To Save Money

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For as long as I can remember, my dad’s favorite hobby has been fixing up cars. I must have gone through 2 cars a year when I was in high school because he’d buy a car, fix it up, let us drive it for a thousand miles or so to make sure all the kinks were worked out, and then he’d sell it for profit. Now, something you should know about my family: I grew up with 3 other sisters. No brothers. We even had girl dogs. Needless to say, my dad was the lone ranger out in the garage all those years. The only time I stepped out there was to occasionally hold a flashlight for him. My parents are only 40 minutes away if something were to happen to our car but I wish I would have asked my dad to teach me a few things so . . . → Read More: Learn a New Skill To Save Money

Does a Programmable Thermostat Really Save You Money?


Some of you might think, “Well of course a programmable thermostat will save you money,” but this is not necessarily the case. Of course many of them  of your energy when compared to a regular thermostat, but there are some underlying assumptions in these claims. Let’s dive into these claims and discover how much a programmable thermostat can save us, if anything at all.

The Reason For the Programmable Thermostat

Some of you might be wondering why I even care about a programmable thermostat in the first place. Well, this year I have made an audacious goal to pay off the $54,500 balance on my mortgage, so every penny is important to me. Even if my savings tactics with this thermostat only equates to an extra $50, it still will help drive me to hit my goal. Haha, so lay off and let me tell you if you can . . . → Read More: Does a Programmable Thermostat Really Save You Money?

7 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage


Everybody’s trying to save on expenses today, whether it’s large or small, anything helps. No matter what kind of car you drive, we all wouldn’t mind saving some money at the pump right? It’s not uncommon to feed that pump $100 a week, but what if we could cut that expense to $75? That would be an extra $600 a year! Let’s get cracking.

1. Slow down. I know, it’s tough, but that’s where most of the waste is coming from. The fuel economy of a car decreases by 20% when we cruise at 75mph vs. 55mph. You might have to drag yourself out of bed 5 minutes earlier, but it might be worth the $20 savings per week.

2. Go easy on the A/C. This one is almost impossible for me – I live in south Florida! But, the winter season is coming and I’m looking forward to . . . → Read More: 7 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

Benefits of Shortening Your Loan Term; 15yr. vs. 30yr. Loan


If you read my previous article that compared the historical mortgage rates to what they are currently, you may have noticed that I used a 30 year mortgage term in order to make the comparison. To be quite honest though, through much of my research regarding home loans, I always advise home-buyers to choose the 15 year mortgage.

Choosing a shorter term on your mortgage does have its disadvantages:

· You may not be able to qualify for your “dream” house · The monthly payments are higher

Those are honestly the only disadvantages I can think of. Here are some advantages of the shorter term loan:

· You will pay off the loan 15 years earlier · The rate is typically much less · You will save a lot of money · You may be able to retire sooner because you will be debt free

I have performed some . . . → Read More: Benefits of Shortening Your Loan Term; 15yr. vs. 30yr. Loan