How to Stay Motivated After Getting Out of Debt

Stay Motivated After Getting Our of Debt

There’s no shame in slowing down a little bit once you get out of debt, but there are so many people that take their foot off the gas completely! And sometimes they even start driving in reverse and dive back into debt! Why is this? And what steps can you take to stay motivated after getting out of debt?

Why Do People Go Back Into Debt After Getting Out?

You’d think that once people rid themselves of their debt, they’d vow never to go back in, but it honestly seems to happen more often than not. So what on earth are these people thinking? What is it that drives them back into debt?

1) It’s a Habit

It’s incredibly easy to buy stuff you can’t afford, and when you’ve done it all your life it’s crazy difficult to kick the habit. With the media swirling all around you, telling you . . . → Read More: How to Stay Motivated After Getting Out of Debt