5 Ways to Stay Stuck In Debt Forever

5 ways to stay stuck in debt forever

If you’re a regular visitor to LifeAndMyFinances.com (thanks and welcome back!), then you know that there’s plenty of practical, down-to-earth advice here on how to become — and stay — debt free.

However, sometimes in life, it’s more memorable (and also more entertaining) to look at things from the other end of the spectrum — i.e. what NOT to do.

For example, some diet and wellness experts highlight ways that people can add pounds and ruin their health as a kind of scare tactic. The same goes for law enforcement organizations when they want to get people to wear their seatbelt, stop drinking and driving, and so on. Stories and photos of smiling, safe drivers is kind of forgettable. Stories and photos of drivers laid out on a morgue slab is striking.

5 Ways to Stay Stuck in Debt Forever

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