What Would You Do With an Extra $50?

surprise check

Have you ever had a check show up in the mail out of the blue? Maybe you’d forgotten about that class action lawsuit you were notified about months ago. (That’s happened to us at least twice this year.) Or you got a bonus or birthday money.

It’s not a huge amount, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. I mean, $50 is a significant sum of money.

But do you know what you’ll do with this surprise check?

Your response to small chunks of money says more than you’d think about the way you’re handling your personal finance. Get ready to use your imagination and learn which category you fall under.

This post is written by the fabulously talented, Jamie Jeffers.

What Would You Do With an Extra $50?

Ready? So you go to the mailbox and discover a check inside for $50. You weren’t expecting this check, so you . . . → Read More: What Would You Do With an Extra $50?