Time Management is Money Management

time management is money management

Everyone has heard the saying “time is money” at least once in their life. This is one of the primary principles behind an hourly wage after all. For most people their time literally is money. Therefore…time management is money management.

Don’t think you’re above this truth because you have a salary. One of the great myths about salaries is that they somehow operate outside time. Then why is 40 hour still a standard? Beyond that research shows most people with salaries actually work more not less!

Even if you have a way of life that avoids these standard work arrangements you cannot escape this truth.

Time Management is Money Management

Today’s timely post is written by Rocky of 30and0.com

Have you ever tracked the activities you undertake in a day?

I mean REALLY tracked them.

Imagine that every time you switch tasks you have to click a stopwatch and start . . . → Read More: Time Management is Money Management