Top Financial Questions Couples Should Answer (Together!)

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Whether you are engaged to be married, or you have shared a life with your partner for years, finances are one of the biggest factors in having a successful relationship. However, many couples overlook the importance of money in their relationships, and how detrimental miscommunication about the topic can be to a successful marriage or partnership. Often the lack of discussion surrounding financial management boils down to misinformation about what should be on the priority list – and what shouldn’t be.

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Top Financial Questions Couples Should Answer (Together!)

If you’ve yet to have the money talk with your significant other, here are the top financial questions you should answer together.

1) What are our goals?

Getting on the same page, or at least in the same book, with your finances as a couple starts with asking each other what you want out of your financial life, both individually and together. Maybe that is a lavish retirement, or as simple as feeling financially stable each month. Whatever the answer, be sure to talk through why it is a goal, . . . → Read More: Top Financial Questions Couples Should Answer (Together!)