Are You Treating Debt Like an Emergency?

treating your debt like an emergency

Remember back in college? It was the first week of school, and you were amazed by your sudden independence. Just a few months ago you weren’t allowed to chew gum or loiter in the hallways for more than 2 minutes. But now, your professors weren’t even taking attendance in class!

So when you saw the credit card booth, it was hard to resist. Getting a credit card is another sign of being an adult. And you were desperate to prove how grown up you were. Besides, that towel with the school logo on it was a pretty great bonus. Who can resist a free gift?!

It probably took months or even years for you to realize the high price of that towel. Over time, you racked up so much debt that you can barely stand the thought of opening the bills when they come in. Better to not even know . . . → Read More: Are You Treating Debt Like an Emergency?