Him or Me?? Who Would You Rather Be?

who would you rather be

That guy at work…he’s got everything. The house, the car, the gorgeous wife. He’s the true definition of success, and if you could be anyone in the world, you’d be him.

Well…hold on now. Is your envy really warranted? Does this guy really have it all put together? Sometimes the picture from the outside is very different from the one on the inside.

Him or Me? Who Would You Rather Be?

Here’s the quick comparison:

So basically…

He’s got a 3,000 square foot, brand new house He drives a foreign luxury car He’s always wearing the top brand clothes, and He golfs at the nicest courses in the U.S.

I, on the other hand:

Live in a 1,400 square foot house Drive a 2003 Pontiac Vibe Wear whatever costs less than $15 per piece (which I must say, doesn’t typically look too bad…but it’s definitely not Lacoste…), and I . . . → Read More: Him or Me?? Who Would You Rather Be?