Don’t Let a Job Switch Nuke Your Retirement

withdraw your retirement early

Switching jobs can be tough financially, especially if you didn’t plan on leaving your old job. You lose your steady paycheck and your benefits. You still have all of the bills you had before, and maybe expensive COBRA insurance at the same time.

Even if you start a new job immediately, you may have more time than usual between paydays. And what if you don’t have a new job yet? Experts estimate your job search in terms of how much of an annual salary you’re looking for as one month for every $10,000. That means if you used to earn $70,000 a year, it will likely take you 7 months to find that next job! Ouch!

And suddenly, you remember…you had a retirement account at that old job. You’ve been saving 3, 5, maybe even 10% or more of your salary for years. You really need that money now. Maybe you can just withdraw your retirement early…

Don’t do it.

Unless you’re moving into your retirement, leave those retirement funds alone. If you don’t, take a look at what happens…

This is a guest post by Emily Jividen.

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