4 Amazing Results of Knowing Your Why

your why

“Hey, you know what you should do? You should sell your nice car, stop going out to eat, and slow down on all those trendy clothing purchases. Then your life would be much better.”

That statement all by itself sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it? So…what you’re telling me is that if I reduce my fun in three areas….my life will be more fun….? What nut-house did you come from again?

4 Amazing Results of Knowing Your Why

In my opinion, the above advice is sound, but there’s one important element that’s missing – it’s the person’s ‘why’. If they like their current life and have absolutely no reason to change it, then why would they? But, if you explain to them that if they sacrifice a few things for just two years, they could be amazingly wealthy for the next 50, you might peak their interest a bit more.

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