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Stop Paying So Much For Eye Glasses!


About two years ago, I decided to get new frames in my glasses. Typically, I wear contacts, so I can’t say that it really mattered, but I thought that if I had some nice frames, I might wear them outside more often.

Well, I went to a well-known chain near my house and picked out the frames that I figured my wife would like (I have to make sure she likes them right? I’ve got to look good for her!). When the order came in, I wasn’t too happy with the results. The lenses, which are supposed to look practically invisable, still had shavings coming off from them, and the lenses were thicker than a soda bottle!

This whole adventure cost me about $250 (plus $150 because of the contacts I ordered at the same time), and I still don’t wear my glasses outside…

Well, if you’ve ever had a negative experience like the one above, then I would recommend that you do what I’m going to do from now on – find a cheap eye glass store online. Here are a couple of sites that I recently saw on the news:

Zenni Optical

This looks like a pretty awesome site! The frames, with lenses, can cost as little as $6!!!! It really is unbelievable, but it’s true! And, if you’re not satisfied, then you’re only out $6 rather than $250. Sounds good to me!

Glasses USA

This looks to be a little pricier than Zenni Optical, but you’ll still get away much cheaper than $250!

Do you get your eye glasses online? Where do you get them? How much of a deal is it?


Money Save Money


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  1. I am like you and buy both contacts and glasses, and I hate the high expense. I have not used the online stores, so I would love to hear what others have to say about their experiences.

    • I am interested too. Based on the lack of comments, it looks like perhaps none of the readers have purchased glasses online! 🙁

  2. About a month ago I purchase my first pair of glasses online from They’re designer-style and only cost me $100. Plus, they give one pair of glasses to people in need around the world for each pair purchased. I’ve always been a contact guy (I had my last pay of glasses for almost 10 years) but I totally love these glasses. I like them so much that I now am wearing my glasses about half the time and contacts half the time.

    • Sweet! Now that’s the story I was looking for! Thanks for contributing!

  3. I got my glasses in Taiwan for about $30. My contacts on the other hand were very expensive, but they are also very comfortable and I stare at a screen all day, so here I don’t mind spending extra, though hopefully the sets last me at least a year.

    • Awesome! I can’t say that I’ll be in Taiwan any time soon, but that is pretty sweet! I’m stretching out my contacts for a year too, since they are so expensive.

  4. I guess I have always felt the need to try them on and see how they look. Looks like people had been very satisfied with online eyeglass purchases. I think I will look into it. I also wear contacts, so I haven’t changed my frames for several years.

    • I am kind of the same way, but I picked out frames in person, and I still don’t wear them outside of the house. Maybe if I buy them online, I’ll like them more! Haha! At least they would be a great deal – and maybe a conversation piece as well!

  5. Zenni optical sounds awesome! I used to wear contacts and bought them from 1800contacts, but had lasik last month and don’t need to buy any glasses/contacts anymore 🙂

  6. Zenni is great. We have used them 3 times. Hubby’s glasses at local “discount” eye places were $350 to $500. Zenni was just $68.00. Mine are for computer/reading and my first 2 prs were $20.95 including the shipping. Hubby just picked me out 2 new pairs and I think he went for the $9 frames but still under $25.00 for 2 pairs! We have had good experience with them. Just measure carefully and go by your current pair when picking out frames. If it fits you correctly measure it for size across the front, between your eyes and past your ears, and pick frames that match those sizes to insure a good fit. You will also need to measure between the pupils of your eyes (this is not something on your RX), but it’s not rocket science! A little careful work, alot of savings!

    • Awesome! Glad to see you around again Johannah. Always great to have your opinion! 🙂

  7. I always advocate shopping online, the stores get rid of those nasty overhead costs and typically pass through the savings to you!

    Also, health savings accounts are a GREAT way to save on medical expenses, which glasses/contacts are typically covered by. Think of an HSA as a 401k for your healthcare…

  8. How do you get them fitted, I guess trial and error? They always have to adjust the nose and ear pieces when I buy new glasses.

    • There are some measurements that you can do yourself, but if you typically have issues, perhaps you’ll need to spend the big bucks at the brick and mortar place! 😉

  9. Great post! Eyeglasses are one thing that are on my to-get list, and I was dreading that visit to the optometrist. I do get one pair of frames free per year from my company as a benefit, but the choices are limited. As for reading glasses, $19.99 4-packs from Sam’s club is a good low-cost option.

    • Yes, Sam’s Club can provide those reading glasses for pretty cheap too! So many options and such a low price – I love it!! 🙂

  10. My friend has gotten so many pairs from Zenni Optical that he can change frames every month. Personally, I had a great experience with Clearly Contacts — once a year they have a free eyeglass sale if you stay up until midnight in your time zone. So I just paid shipping, which got my glasses for $14 total!

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